Bluetooth® Low Energy Angle of Arrival Location Solution – Tags, Receiver, Antenna, Firmware, Application Software

The development of Bluetooth® Low Energy angle of arrival location solutions requires multi-disciplinary co-operation in application software, firmware, receiver antenna and tag design. We will showcase an angle of arrival solution based on the co-operation and expertise of four different companies, each specialized in their own area. For developers, the completed tag design with a pre-qualified RF module using certified Bluetooth Low Energy firmware reduces time to market and development costs. The antenna, receiver hardware and receiver firmware provide raw information of the position of each tags. Designers can build on this initial platform to provide application specific customization for their location application. Finally the raw data is processed into meaningful position information and interpreted in the context of a specific application such as tracking of valuable assets in an open building or tracking of supermarket trolleys for consumer market analysis purposes. By explaining these elements, we will show developers what is required to build a customized location solution.

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