Personal Health Devices Transcoding

Learn how data sent by a Bluetooth Sensor based on GATT and received by a Collector can be transcoded at the Collector into an IEEE Std. 11073-20601a compatible nomenclature and model.

Internet Gateways

Discover various options available to create Internet Gateways for Bluetooth Low Energy Devices.


A RESTful API used to access data in devices using the functionality defined in the Bluetooth GATT profile.

GAP REST API White Paper

Internet Working Group A RESTful API used to administer connections between devices featuring Bluetooth Low Energy technology and a Gateway.

SAP and Remote Network Access

Uncover how the SIM Access Profile (SAP) allows a Bluetooth enabled device to access data contained in the SIM card of another Bluetooth enabled device.

Health Device Profile Implementation Guidance

Get examples and best practices regarding how the Bluetooth Health Device Profile, the ISO/IEEE 11073-20601 Personal Health Data Exchange Protocol, and the associated 11073-104xx device specialization specifications can be implemented together.


Learn how to use SDP and EIR for passing device and service information from one device to another to develop service discovery applications.

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