Generic Health Sensor Design and Implementation Guide

The Generic Health Sensor (GHS) Design and Implementation Guide guides implementers of health sensor devices and mobile application developers of applications collecting health data from such sensor devices. This publication covers various non-trivial aspects of GHS such as where to find all relevant information and how to design and implement a sensor or application in […]

Performance Characterization of the Low Complexity Communication Codec

This white paper characterizes the Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3) specification regarding typical codec aspects such as complexity, algorithmic/transmission delay, and subjective audio quality. It provides additional information beyond the technical specification of LC3 which is useful for product designers, codec implementers and profile developers.

How LC3 Checks All the Wireless Audio Boxes

Andrew Estrada with Sony Electronics shares his outlook on the benefits LC3 will bring to the wireless audio market, including longer battery life, better coexistence, and higher quality.

Personal Health Devices Transcoding

Learn how data sent by a Bluetooth Sensor based on GATT and received by a Collector can be transcoded at the Collector into an IEEE Std. 11073-20601a compatible nomenclature and model.

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