AAA + HearTECH 2023

Bluetooth –  What Audiologists and Your Patients Need to Know about Auracast™ Broadcast Audio with Bluetooth Technology


Henry Wong
Senior Manager, Market Development 
Bluetooth SIG

Date and Time: 20 April, 1:10pm PST


The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and hearing aid industry suppliers have been collaborating to enhance Bluetooth® technology to better meet the needs of people with hearing loss and improve audio accessibility for everyone. The Bluetooth SIG will provide an overview of the next generation of Bluetooth audio, LE Audio, and how a new capability, Auracast™ broadcast audio, will deliver enhanced audio experiences in public places for users of all hearing instruments, including hearing aids, cochlear implants, and consumer audio devices. 

While current assistive listening system (ALS) technologies, such as inductive loops, have been providing great benefit to people with hearing loss, Auracast™ broadcast audio will become an advanced, new ALS that will work alongside existing technology to enable new choices for assistive listening. Auracast™ broadcast audio has the potential to provide the added benefits of enabling broader deployment and increased availability of ALS for people with hearing loss, while also expanding applicability of these systems to consumers with all levels of hearing health. 

In this session:  

  • The audience will have a clear understanding of Auracast broadcast audio
  • The audience will know how to consult with people with hearing loss on the new Bluetooth technology – Auracast broadcast audio 
  • The audience will understand the value and benefit of Auracast broadcast audio to people with hearing loss
  • The audience will understand examples of use cases in venues including silent screens at airports and gymnasiums; tour systems at museums and convention centers; multi-language support at conference and meeting centers; and augmented listening at cinemas, lecture halls, and places of worship
  • The audience will have the opportunity to experience Auracast products and demonstrations

Join this session to see, hear, and experience ‘first-to-market’ Auracast products and find out how Auracast™ broadcast audio will enable new audio experiences to help promote better living through better hearing for everyone. 

About the Conference:

Seattle is a city home to innovation and has been at the forefront of visionary adaptations from music to technology and industry. This is a fitting host for the conference as audiology adapts to patient care in a post-COVID world.

We are entering a new era of audiology with the introduction of government-regulated over-the-counter hearing aids, new research on pharmacological treatments for hearing loss, and promotion of the full range of critical services provided by audiologists and how our community intersects with many other health care professions.

The conference is your professional home where audiology is put first. Here, we will provide you with information, resources, connections, and tools that you can use immediately back home to adapt to this new reality and keep your practice setting up to date.

You won’t be Sleepless in Seattle! At AAA 2023+HearTECH Expo, you’ll be buzzing from top-notch education igniting your passion for your profession, exciting and fun networking opportunities where you’ll meet new people, cool hands-on activities, and much, much more.

Bluetooth will be in booth 527 at the expo.

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