Bluetooth technology and Android

If you’re ready to develop a Bluetooth® product with Android, we can get you started with information and resources that will make the job of building with Bluetooth wireless technology faster and easier.

Study Guides

The Bluetooth SIG provides Study Guides designed to help developers get up to speed quickly on various Bluetooth capabilities.

An Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy Development

Provides foundation-level information and hands-on labs that walk you through assembling a Bluetooth Low Energy device.

An Introduction to Bluetooth Beacons

Learn how to build your own Bluetooth beacon or integrate beacon technology into your existing products and apps.

An Introduction to the Bluetooth Mesh Proxy Function

Learn how to create applications for smartphones and other platforms which can monitor and control nodes in a Bluetooth mesh network.

The Bluetooth LE Security Study Guide

Learn about fundamental security concepts, the security features of Bluetooth Low Energy, and gain some hands-on experience using those features in device code.

Designing and Developing Bluetooth® Internet Gateways

Learn about Bluetooth internet gateways, how to make them secure and scalable, and design and implement your own working prototype gateway and web application for use with either Bluetooth LE Peripherals or with Bluetooth mesh networks.


The Bluetooth SIG makes available overview papers that provide additional guidance to developers on the latest advancements to Bluetooth technology.

Understanding Reliability in Bluetooth® Technology

Download this detailed discussion of the issues and factors that impact the reliability of…

Technical Talks

The Bluetooth SIG provides videos on the latest advancements to Bluetooth technology.

Controlling Bluetooth® Mesh Networks with Android Applications

Bluetooth® mesh is a new Bluetooth technology which was released in 2017. It allows…

Advanced Bluetooth for Android Developers

Android developers can take this guided tour of the most recent features and interesting…

An Introduction to Bluetooth Mesh for Android Developers

Developers will learn about the fundamental concepts relating to Bluetooth mesh networking

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