Bluetooth® technology provides full-stack, fit-for-purpose solutions to meet the ever-expanding needs for wireless connectivity. After first addressing audio streaming, Bluetooth technology expanded into low-power data transfer, indoor location services, and reliable, large-scale device networks.

Featuring new market insights and industry forecasts from ABI Research and other analyst firms, the 2023 Bluetooth Market Update highlights new Bluetooth technology trends and updated forecasts for key Bluetooth solution areas: audio streaming, data transfer, location services, and device networks.

Audio Streaming

The audio cable was one of the first cords Bluetooth® technology cut. Stripping away the hassle of wires on headphones, speakers, and more, Bluetooth technology revolutionized audio and has forever changed the way we consume media and experience the world. Key use cases include wireless headsets, wireless speakers, and in-car systems.

Analysts expect to see continued growth in Bluetooth® Audio Streaming device shipments despite post-pandemic challenges and economic slowdown. ABI Research predicts 1.35x growth in annual Bluetooth Audio Streaming device shipments from 2023 to 2027.

bluetooth audio streaming shipments

Data Transfer

From fitness trackers and health and wellness monitors to toys and tools, billions of new Bluetooth® low-power, data transfer devices free consumers from wires every day. According to ABI Research, Bluetooth Data Transfer device shipments will see 1.67x growth over the next five years, reaching 1.87 billion annual device shipments by 2027.

bluetooth data transfer shipments


The Bluetooth® Market Update

The Bluetooth® Market Update provides updated forecasts and trends in key Bluetooth solution areas and highlights Bluetooth use cases that will drive future growth.


Location Services

Bluetooth® technology is now widely used as a device positioning technology to address the increasing demand for high-accuracy indoor location services. By enabling one Bluetooth device to determine the presence, distance, and direction of another device, Bluetooth technology delivers flexibility unlike any other positioning radio, allowing building managers to scale indoor positioning solutions to match the varying and changing needs of the facility. Key use cases include asset tracking, indoor navigation, digital key, and personal item finding solutions.

Over the next five years, analysts anticipate seeing a significant upward trend in Bluetooth® Location Services device growth with Bluetooth Location Services solutions returning to pre-pandemic forecasts. Heightened awareness of the benefits of Bluetooth Location Services continues to support increased market growth with 2.46x growth in annual Bluetooth Location Services device shipments from 2023 to 2027. 

bluetooth location services shipments

Device Networks

Bluetooth® Device Network solutions in home, commercial, or other environments can reliably and securely connect tens, hundreds, or thousands of devices within a network. Key use cases include networked lighting control, monitoring systems, and electronic shelf labels. 

According to ABI Research, we can expect to see 2.63x growth in annual Bluetooth Device Network device shipments over the next five years, achieving 1.63 billion annual device shipments by 2027.

Learn more about market forecasts and trends in the Bluetooth Market Update.

bluetooth device network shipments (1)


The Bluetooth® Market Update

The Bluetooth® Market Update provides updated forecasts and trends in key Bluetooth solution areas and highlights Bluetooth use cases that will drive future growth.



2023年 Bluetooth® 市場動向」では、ABIリサーチとその他のアナリスト企業による新たな市場考察と業界予測を取り上げ、Bluetoothの主要ソリューション分野、すなわちオーディオストリーミング、データ転送、位置情報サービス、デバイスネットワークに関する新たな技術動向と最新予測を明らかにしています。





フィットネストラッカーやヘルスおよびウェルネスモニターに始まり、おもちゃやツール類に至るまで、日々何十億台もの新しいBluetooth®︎ 低電力データ転送デバイスが、消費者をケーブルから解放しています。ABI Researchによると、Bluetoothデータ転送機器の出荷台数は今後5年間で1.67倍に成長し、2027年には年間18.7億台に達する見込みです。


現在のBluetooth® 技術は、高精度の屋内位置情報サービスに対する需要増加を受け、デバイスの測位技術として幅広く使用されています。一台のBluetooth デバイスに他のデバイスの存在、距離および方向検出を可能にすることにより、Bluetooth 技術は他の測位無線にはない柔軟性を実現しています。これにより例えばビルの管理者および所有者が、建物における多様で変化するニーズに合わせて屋内測位ソリューションの規模を変更することを可能にします。主な使用例としては、資産追跡、屋内ナビゲーション、デジタルキー、個人用アイテム検索ソリューションなどが挙げられます。



自宅や商業施設、その他の環境における Bluetooth®︎ デバイスネットワークソリューションは、高い信頼性と安全性を担保しつつ、ネットワーク内にある数十台、数百台、数千台のデバイスに接続できます。主な使用例としては、ネットワーク照明制御、監視システム、電子棚札(ESL)などが挙げられます。

ABI リサーチによると、今後5年間のBluetooth デバイスネットワーク機器の年間出荷台数は2.63倍に成長し、2027年には年間出荷台数が16.3億台に達するとの予測です。

市場予測やトレンドについては、「2023年 Bluetooth® 市場動向」で詳しくご紹介しています。

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