Earlier this year, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) released the full suite of specifications for a ground-breaking advancement in Bluetooth® technology – LE Audio. LE Audio builds on 20 years of innovation to improve the performance of Bluetooth audio, add support for hearing aids, and introduce AuracastTM broadcast audio

By standardizing support for Bluetooth technology within hearing aids, LE Audio increases availability and enables true global interoperability. Thanks to LE Audio, people with hearing loss will be able to take advantage of the same Bluetooth audio benefits enjoyed by users of standard Bluetooth headphones and earbuds, including wireless calling, listening, and watching.


HLAA 2022 Convention

Recently, at the HLAA 2022 Convention, industry experts provided a detailed look (including live demonstrations) into one of the use cases for Auracast™ broadcast audio. The four videos below (recorded at the HLAA 2022 Convention) highlight how the hearing industry and hearing aid users can benefit from this latest audio innovation.

Nordic Demonstrates Auracast™ Broadcast Audio

Nordic Semiconductor’s Vince Hagen describes the demonstration of Auracast™ broadcast audio Nordic shared at the HLAA Convention 2022 and explains which products and locations will take advantage of this new Bluetooth® capability.

A First Look at Assistive Listening with Auracast™ Broadcast Audio

Watch Dr. Sandra Porps, MDHearing Head of Audiology, describe one of the first demonstrations of Auracast™ broadcast audio shared at the HLAA Convention 2022 and how Auracast™ broadcast audio can benefit people with hearing loss in real-world scenarios.

The Impact of LE Audio and Auracast™ Broadcast Audio on Bluetooth® Enabled Hearing Aids

Doug Beaker, CEO of the largest direct-to-consumer seller of hearing aids in the US, discusses the three main benefits of Bluetooth LE Audio on hearing aids, as well as data that illustrates which features hearing aid consumers care most about.

Next Generation Audio Accessibility with LE Audio and Auracast™ Broadcast Audio

Watch the Bluetooth SIG’s Chuck Sabin outline the new features of Bluetooth® LE Audio, the new use cases they will improve and enable, and the introduction of Auracast™ broadcast audio as the next-generation assistive listening technology.


Auracast™ Broadcast Audio

Auracast™ broadcast audio will deliver life-changing audio experiences that will enhance the way you engage with others and the world around you.


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Introducing Bluetooth® LE Audio

Now available for free digital download, get your copy of this in-depth, technical overview of the LE Audio specifications.

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