2022 (Winter) Asia Smart Wearable Exhibition

Bluetooth Future-oriented

Presenter: Ken Kolderup, Chief Marketing Officer

Bluetooth is the wireless standard with the widest global reach. Despite the global pandemic that has affected the world over the past few years, Bluetooth has never stopped growing from the perspective of community, market, use cases and technology. Bluetooth annual device shipments are on track to exceed 7 billion in a few years. What drives its strong growth is that the Bluetooth community continues to create new markets and use cases based on Bluetooth technology. From Audio Streaming, Data Transfer, to Location Services and Device Networks, Bluetooth continues to focus on market needs and to innovate and optimize to meet the growing demands of people. This year, from the launch of Auracast™ broadcast audio and the completion of the specification of LE Audio, the Bluetooth SIG is gradually improving the overall performance of this technology from different aspects through the promotion of projects. What mentioned above are just a few of the projects. The Bluetooth SIG will maintain over 50 ongoing projects, and we all look forward to the innovation in the future.
The Bluetooth SIG will participate in the 2022 (Winter) Asia Smart Wearable Exhibition held in Shenzhen on December 23 and give a speech. The theme of the speech is ” Bluetooth Future-oriented “. The guest of the speech is Ken Kolderup, Chief Marketing Officer of the Bluetooth SIG.

Language: English & Chinese

About the Event:
The 2022 (Winter) Asia Smart Wearable Exhibition, hosted by 52audio.com, has successfully held five sessions in the mode of combining exhibition and conference. The conference aims to build a platform for industrial chain enterprises to release new products and exchange technology, connect the upstream and downstream markets of intelligent wearables, help exhibitors find high-quality partners, provide high-quality suppliers for brand customers, provide technology development trend guidance for the industry, promote high-quality enterprises in the intelligent wearables field to achieve win-win cooperation, and promote the vigorous development of the intelligent wearables market.

About the Organizer:
52audio.com focuses on the field of intelligent audio and is currently the largest audio information portal in China. In addition, 52audio.com is also the first professional organization to analyze, review and disassemble smart audio devices (smart speakers, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, USB-C/Lightning headphones) in China.

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