How the Bluetooth® Electronic Shelf Label Standard Will Impact the Smart Retail Market

ABI Research explores how the recent arrival of the new Bluetooth® Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) standard will help create an interoperable ESL ecosystem that can address many of the challenges being faced by retail and other environments. The research note:

  • Summarizes the primary verticals that benefit from ESLs and the key use cases within each
  • Deep dives into the retail market, including the growing pressures and market drivers within it as well as the benefits ESL can bring to retailers
  • Outlines the challenges with previous ESL technologies and the reasons behind the demand for standardization
  • Examines the benefits of the Bluetooth® ESL standard and the impact it will have on ESL market forecasts

Download the report to learn how the Bluetooth® ESL standard will enable the ESL market to reach its true potential and transform the smart retail space, helping retailers deliver operational efficiencies, increase conversion, and better address the pressures they face today and in the future.

Available in additional languages:
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