From household appliances and fitness trackers to health sensors and medical innovations, Bluetooth® technology connects billions of everyday devices and enables the invention of countless more. Despite high market saturation, every year, millions of new Bluetooth low-power, data-transferring devices free consumers from wires. 

In the recently released 2024 Bluetooth Market Update, analysts highlight key market trends and new five-year forecasts for Bluetooth Data Transfer devices. Below are a few of the insights featured in this annual report. 


648 million bluetooth wearables are expected to ship in 2028

Bluetooth® wearables continue to show strong growth. A greater understanding of the personal health benefits provided by Bluetooth fitness tracking and health monitoring devices is increasing the demand for wearables from people of all ages.

234 million smartwatches are forecasted to ship in 2028

As smartwatches become more sophisticated, adopting more features and greater functionality, they are not only taking over the role of keeping people connected (e.g., phone, email, text, music, etc.), but also taking over the role of fitness and wellness trackers. This year, 177 million Bluetooth® smartwatches will ship with that number seeing a 1.5x increase to 234 million annual shipments by 2028.

5x growth in bluetooth vr headsets over the next 5 years

The definition of a wearable continues to expand. Wearables come in many different forms and functions to help deliver and augment other experiences; these include VR headsets for gaming and virtual training, as well as wearable scanners and cameras for industrial manufacturing, warehousing, and asset tracking. Close to 80 million Bluetooth VR headsets will ship annually by 2028.

Learn more about Bluetooth Data Transfer market forecasts and trends in the Bluetooth Market Update.

See the full report.

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2024 Bluetooth® Market Update

The 2024 Bluetooth® Market Update provides updated forecasts and trends in key Bluetooth solution areas and highlights Bluetooth use cases that will drive future growth.




648 JP


234 JP


5x JP

ウェアラブルデバイスの定義は拡大を続けています。ウェアラブルデバイスは多様な形態や機能が製造されており、これまで述べてきた以外の体験を実現し拡張する助けとなります。これにはゲーム用やバーチャルトレーニング用のVRヘッドセットに加え、工業製造用、倉庫管理業務用、資産追跡用のウェアラブルスキャナやカメラが該当します。2028年までに年間8000万台近くのBluetooth VRヘッドセットが出荷される見通しです。



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