The Seventh Healthy Hearing Technology Forum 2023

The Future of Hearing: Introducing LE Audio and Auracast™ Broadcast Audio


Lori Lee
Marketing Director, APAC & China
Bluetooth SIG

Date and Time: 20 April, 7:00pm Beijing Standard Time


More details of LE Audio, the next generation of Bluetooth Audio Specifications, will be broken down on the site. The improvement of the new specification is expected to strengthen audio quality and product design of hearing aids, and help hearing aid industry to carry out the next generation of application innovation. In addition, Auracast™ broadcast audio, the new brand announced by Bluetooth SIG recently will also be introduced, which is about to provide people with hearing aids or artificial electronic ears a new choice to achieve barrier-free listening in their daily lives.

Language: Chinese

About the Event:

With the rapid development of TWS headphones, the continuous upgrading of technology of assistive listening products, and the release of the draft OTC hearing aids by the US FDA, the cross-border and integration of hearing products and assistive listening products will become the mainstream in next five years.

In the background of industry reform, Beijing Society of Audiology organizes “Healthy Hearing Technology Forum” to provide a long-term platform for everyone to participate in the hearing academic exchange. The forum has been successfully held for six seasons.

Through the forum, BSA hope to build a platform for the industry, promote product changes and technology development, and more importantly, to provide more suitable hearing protection and hearing assistance solutions for people with mild to moderate hearing loss and healthy hearing and achieve the ultimate goal of “Healthy Hearing for All”.

About the Organizer:

Beijing Society of Audiology (BAS) was founded in 2012 and is a well-known social organization in the field of audiology. Over the years, the BSA has accumulated many resources in the field of audiology.

The society has been organizing academic conferences, seminars, forums, and salons in the field of audiology for a long time, building a platform for audiology communication in China and promoting the development of the audiology industry.

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