Smart Buildings Summit 2022

Smart Lighting and the IoT: a Practical Example of how a Bluetooth® Mesh Connected Lighting System Enables Valuable Operational Insights


Jim Sekinger
Head of Sales – North America

About the Conference:

The age of the smart buildings is here with market reports forecasting smart building deployments growing by over 150% in the next four years. Networked IoT devices, automation system technologies, and smart data analytics are revolutionizing commercial buildings. This web of connected devices spans to almost every element of facilities, from lighting and HVAC to air quality and occupancy. Smart buildings are making it possible to not only deliver services that occupants need, but do this while also growing workplace productivity, minimizing costs, and increasing energy efficiency.

A smart building is not defined as a single system component. Rather, it is the result of a technological ecosystem that must work together to deliver a true connected, smart building. When building operators begin integrating smart technology into new builds or retrofitting existing sites, there are varied challenges to consider. Deployment plans must incorporate methods of wi-fi reliability and network optimization, a strong data security approach, and the targets of real-time data analytics. Fierce Electronics’ Smart Buildings Summit will focus on the latest innovative technology solution that can effectively help build a true connected building ecosystem, giving operators in sights around usage patterns and trends that can be used to optimize the building’s sustainability environment and operational costs.

Bluetooth is a gold partner of the event.

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