Global AIoT Ecosystem Development Summit 2023

LE Audio, Next Generation of Bluetooth Audio Opens up a New Era of Hearing Aids


Lori Lee
Marketing Director, APAC & China
Bluetooth SIG


More details of LE Audio, the next generation of Bluetooth audio specifications, will be broken down on the site. The improvement of the new specification is expected to strengthen audio quality and product design of hearing aids, and help hearing aid industry to carry out the next generation of application innovation. In addition, Auracast Broadcast Audio, the new brand announced by Bluetooth SIG recently will also be introduced, which is about to provide people with hearing aids or artificial electronic ears a new choice to achieve barrier-free listening in their daily lives.

Language: Chinese

About the Event: 

The AIoT industry integrates a variety of technologies to empower all walks of life. As McKinsey estimates, by 2025 the size of global AIoT market could reach USD 11.2 trillion. According to the latest forecast data from IDC, the global IoT (enterprise level) spending scale is expected to reach 1.1 trillion US dollars in 2026, with a five-year (2022-2026) compound growth rate (CAGR)

of 10.7%. Among these, the scale of China’s enterprise-level market will reach US$294 billion in 2026, with a compound growth rate (CAGR) of 13.2%. The global share is about 25.7%, and it continues to maintain the world’s largest IoT market volume.

The AIoT market continues to expand, mainly due to the continuous evolution of AIoT technology and products, and continues to meet market demand. In the next few years, with the boost of multiple factors like the industry-driven, the consumptiondriven, and the policy-driven, the AIoT industry will still maintain rapid growth. In the long run, the AIoT industry-driven application market has huge potential and will become a long-term growth point.

In order to help upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry better grasp business opportunities brought about by the development of AIoT market, Aspencore, the world’s leading media platform in the electronics industry, will join hands with Shenzhen New Generation Information and Communication Industry Cluster to hold “2023 Global AloT Ecosystem Development Summit”, with the aim to facilitate the technical exchanges and business cooperation among upstream and downstream enterprises of the AIoT industry, bring together international and domestic technical strength and market channel resources in the field of AIoT, and build an ecosystem for innovation and development in the AIoT industry.

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