Bluetooth Wireless Smart Hearing Aid Product Launch Conference and Forum 2022

LE Audio, Next Generation of Bluetooth Audio Opens up a New Era of Hearing Aids

Presenter: Lori Lee, Director, Marketing, APAC & China

Date and TIme: 24 June, 13:30 CST


More details of LE Audio, the next generation of Bluetooth audio specifications, will be broken down on the site. The improvement of the new specification is expected to strengthen audio quality and product design of hearing aids, and help hearing aid industry to carry out the next generation of application innovation. In addition, Auracast Broadcast Audio, the new brand announced by Bluetooth SIG recently will also be introduced, which is about to provide people with hearing aids or artificial electronic ears a new choice to achieve barrier-free listening in their daily lives.

Language: Traditional Chinese

About the Conference: 

With the release of OTC Hearing Aid Act by the United States, hearing aid technologies has become increasingly popular, and people’s awareness of hearing health is also rising. In this context, XROUND will hold Bluetooth Wireless Smart Hearing Aid Product Launch Conference and Forum. Bluetooth SIG and key suppliers Airoha Technology Corp., Audiowise Technology, ASE Group, Mackay Medical College, medical equipment manufacturers, hearing aid sales channels and tech media are invited to get together, exploring the future business opportunities of OTC hearing aids.

About the Organizer:

XROUND was founded by a group of passionate and experienced audio algorithm experts and acoustic engineer. It specializes in acoustic engineering, digital signal processing algorithms and integration of hardware and software. Its mission is to redefine hearing experience, break the shackles of hardware and software, and leverage its patented technologies to give full play to the potentials of audio, facilitating users with the fun of audio.

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