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To foster growth and innovation throughout the Bluetooth® market and industry ecosystem across Greater China, Ken Kolderup, chief marketing officer of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), spearheaded a cross-border initiative. In April, he led a joint team from the US and Greater China on a visit to 15 prominent member companies in HsinChu, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing in the Greater China region. The discussions focused on sharing insights and collaborative strategies to enhance Bluetooth technology development and expand market presence in the region.

Since 1998, the Bluetooth SIG has been facilitating collaboration between leading companies from around the world to enhance Bluetooth technology and create entirely new markets. Every year, over five billion Bluetooth products are shipped worldwide, products that make our lives more productive, safe, and joyful.

Greater China has consistently been a crucial market for the Bluetooth SIG. Over 20 percent of its member companies are headquartered in Greater China, and those companies are responsible for over 30 percent of new Bluetooth products that come to market each year.

As part of an ongoing organizational initiative to strengthen engagement with local member companies, the Bluetooth SIG team embarked on a two-week journey from 15-26 April, visiting 15 key players including Airoha, Barrot, BES, Bluetrum, Espressif, Harman, Huawei, Jieli Technology, Lenovo, MediaTek, OPPO, Realtek, TCL, Telink, and Xiaomi.

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Auracast™ Broadcast Audio Retrofit Solutions and Opportunities

This report by ABI Research delves into the opportunity for public spaces to offer new Auracast™ augmented audio experiences and enhanced assistive listening to its occupants and visitors by using cost-effective retrofit Auracast™ solutions, accelerating wider adoption of Auracast™ transmitters as well as receiver devices.


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These meetings were a platform for in-depth discussions on recent technology advancements, market trends, and the technology roadmap. Additionally, member companies shared their Bluetooth business insights and provided valuable feedback from local markets, fostering rich dialogue. Both sides appreciated the opportunity to deepen their understanding and collaborate towards regional market growth.

The forthcoming channel sounding feature will bring secure, fine-ranging capability to Bluetooth technology, and is expected to enhance the performance and security of many Bluetooth use cases.  Additionally, projects are underway to quadruple the data rate of Bluetooth LE as well as expand its operation into additional mid-band spectrum.

Throughout the visits, the Bluetooth SIG received positive feedback from many member companies. Thanks to this opportunity for in-person communication, member companies gained a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of the latest updates in Bluetooth technology and the market. They are excited about new Bluetooth technology features and look forward to adopting upcoming Bluetooth specifications in their products and solutions. In the future, the Bluetooth SIG will continue to closely collaborate with member companies to grow the market for Bluetooth technology together. The overarching goal is to leverage the continued evolution of Bluetooth technology to deliver enhanced practical value to consumers and enterprises across the Greater China region.


The Auracast™ Experience

The Auracast™ Experience is a global series of immersive demonstration events that allow visitors to experience some of the ways Auracast™ broadcast audio will help our world sound better.


SIG Member Meet China 1

グレーター・チャイナ全体におけるBluetooth®︎の市場と業界エコシステムの成長とイノベーションを促進するため、Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group)の最高マーケティング責任者ケン・コルドラップ(Ken Kolderup)による陣頭指揮の下、国際的な取り組みが行われました。この取り組みでは、4月に米国とグレーター・チャイナの共同チームが、同地域内の新竹、深圳、上海、北京の主要メンバー企業15社を訪問しました。訪問では、Bluetooth技術の発展強化と地域内の市場プレゼンス拡大に向けた知見の共有と共同戦略に関する話し合いが行われました。

1998年以降、Bluetooth SIGはBluetooth技術の向上と新市場創出のため、世界各地の先進企業間の連携を促進してきました。私たちの暮らしをより生産的で、安全かつ慶に満ちたものにするBluetooth製品の世界年間出荷台数は、50億台を超えています。

グレーター・チャイナは、Bluetooth SIGにとって極めて重要な市場であり続けてきました。Bluetooth SIGのメンバー企業のうち、グレーター・チャイナに本社を持つ企業は20%を超え、それらの企業が毎年市場に新たに投入するBluetooth製品は全体の30%を超えています。

現地のメンバー企業との連携強化を図る継続的な取り組みの一環として、Bluetooth SIGチームは4月15日から26日の2週間にわたりAiroha、Barrot、BES、Bluetrum、Espressif、Harman、Huawei、Jieli Technology、Lenovo、MediaTek、OPPO、Realtek、TCL、Telink、Xiaomiの15社の主要企業を訪問しました。

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今後予定されているチャネルサウンディング機能は、Bluetooth技術にセキュアな高精度測距機能をもたらし、Bluetoothの数多くのユースケースのパフォーマンスとセキュリティを向上させることが期待されています。加えて、Bluetooth LEのデータ転送速度を4倍に高めると同時に動作帯域を中周波数帯に拡大するためのプロジェクトも進行中です。

訪問全体を通して、Bluetooth SIGは多くのメンバー企業から肯定的なフィードバックを受けました。この機会に直接顔を合わせて対話することによって、メンバー企業はBluetooth技術と市場の最新情報について、より詳細で包括的な理解が得られました。各社ともBluetooth技術の数々の新機能に大きな期待を寄せており、自社の製品やソリューションにそれらの機能を採用することを楽しみにしています。今後も、Bluetooth SIGはメンバー企業と密接に協力を続け、共にBluetooth技術の市場育成を図っていきます。Bluetooth技術の継続的な進化を活かすことで、グレーター・チャイナ地域全体の消費者や企業にさらなる実用的価値を届けることを目指します。

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