Despite the overwhelming adoption of Bluetooth® technology across a wide range of global solutions – from smartphones and wearables to networked lighting control and indoor navigation and asset tracking – some still hold the misperception that Bluetooth technology is only an effective solution for short-range applications and does not meet the reliability standards needed for commercial and industrial spaces.

In truth, Bluetooth technology supports a wide spectrum of achievable ranges between two devices, and it leverages several techniques to overcome interference and provide reliable data communication. But don’t take our word for it. The resources below, created by leading industry innovators, highlight the range, reliability, and resilience of Bluetooth technology.


1) Seven Reasons Why Bluetooth is Perfect for the Industrial IoT

This article explains why Bluetooth is more than a consumer technology and can operate over great distances in harsh industrial conditions. Read more.

2) Texas Instruments Demos 1.5 km Range with Bluetooth

This video highlights the length of a transmission range that can be achieved with Bluetooth® technology and outlines the difference between Bluetooth long-range mode and regular Bluetooth Low Energy RF transmissions. It also provides insight into when you should use Bluetooth long-range mode. Watch the video.

3) Reliability in the Context of Bluetooth Positioning Systems

In this article, Quuppa explores what reliability means in the context of Bluetooth® data connectivity and positioning systems. Read more.


4) Innovative Bluetooth Sensor Network Delivers Improved Crop Status Visibility to Commercial Growers

This article showcases how WayBeyond engineered a Bluetooth® solution that could connect at a distance of 1.4 km with direct line of sight. Read more.


The Bluetooth Range Estimator

Calculate the expected range between two Bluetooth devices.


5) Bluetooth Range Put to the Test in Industrial Building Staircase

In this video, UnSeen Technologies puts the range of Bluetooth® technology to the test in the stairwell of a concrete industrial building. Watch the demo to see how it performed. Watch the video.

6) Bluetooth Mesh for Industrial IoT

In this article, Nordic Semiconductor looks at how Bluetooth® Mesh lays a framework for large-scale industrial deployments using technology that is already secure, reliable, and supported by all smartphones. Read more.

7) Discussing Bluetooth Range

Watch Nordic address some of the most common myths concerning Bluetooth® range, discuss the key factors that influence the effective range of a reliable wireless connection, and offer design tips for developers to achieve the optimal range for their specific use case. Watch the video.

8) Understanding Reliability in Bluetooth Technology

This paper details the issues and factors that impact the reliability of a wireless communication system and the many features and mitigation techniques Bluetooth® technology offers to help developers achieve highly reliable communication even in the most challenging environments. Read more.

9) Nordic Tests Line-of-Sight Long Range of Bluetooth

In this video, Nordic Semiconductor tests the radio performance of Bluetooth® technology with their SoC to see how the increased output power and receiver sensitivity affects the line-of-sight range. Watch the video.

10) Everything You Wanted to Know About Wireless Communication in Lighting. Part 2: Data Rate

This article from Silvar looks at data rate and what it means for connected lighting. See why it is one of the essential characteristics of a wireless technology. Read more.


Check out more resources that showcase the extended range and reliability capabilities of Bluetooth® technology.


How Bluetooth® Technology Makes Wireless Communication Reliable

Learn about the challenge of wireless interference and the techniques Bluetooth technology uses to overcome it.


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