HLAA 2024

HLAA’s annual, communication-accessible convention is designed to support hundreds of people with hearing loss from all walks of life around the United States. It’s the largest national gathering designed to empower individuals and families facing hearing loss.

Stop by the Bluetooth SIG booth 405-407 to experience Auracast™ broadcast audio.

Keeping up with Progress and Deployment of Auracast™ Broadcast Audio – Latest Updates from the Market 


Bluetooth HS Dec2019 45e Chuck 2 Cropped
Chuck Sabin
Bluetooth SIG

Rich Fischer
GN ReSound

Tracy Bathurst
Listen Technologies

Sam Burkinshaw

Date and Time: 28 June, 2:30pm PST  

Description: Bluetooth® technology has introduced a new standard for broadcast audio and access to audio in public spaces. Auracast™ broadcast audio has introduced new sharing experiences from personal mobile devices, enhanced listening experiences in public spaces, and new opportunities for hearing accessibility. This new technology is being introduced to new hearing aids, cochlear implants, and consumer hearing devices. Products with Auracast™ support are available today. It is currently supported in many new smartphones, tablets, and TVs, and has been introduced in commercial transmitters and receivers for public spaces. Auracast™ broadcast audio has the potential to improve the way you engage with others, and how you experience the world of audio around you. Please join this workshop with representatives from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, GN Resound, Ampetronic, and Listen Technologies to get the latest updates on the availability of Auracast™ broadcast audio in public spaces and on the availability of Auracast™ in new devices. Representatives will discuss the Auracast™ pilot installation at this year’s HLAA conference for you to try, and other ways for you to experience Auracast™ broadcast audio, today. 

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