Bluetooth Seminar Series from Ellisys 2024

Join Symbiosys Alliance for a day of wide-ranging presentations about the amazing expansion of Bluetooth® technology that is happening now and coming soon—delivered by Ellisys and industry leaders in Bluetooth development, qualification, and validation. Discover the market forces driving these changes, how they will work, and how to test them.

The Bluetooth Seminar Series from Ellisys is a great opportunity for peer networking and active discussion on the latest Bluetooth specifications.

This FREE one-day event includes sideline exhibits featuring sponsors’ products and services.

Introducing Channel Sounding: Secure, Fine Ranging with Bluetooth® Technology


Damon Barnes
Director of Technical Marketing
Bluetooth SIG

Date and Time: 1 May and 2 May, 9:00am PST

Description: The Bluetooth SIG will soon launch Channel Sounding, a secure, fine ranging feature. Channel Sounding expands the existing set of Bluetooth® device positioning features that enable one device to determine the presence, distance, and direction of another. In this presentation, Damon Barnes, Director of Technical Marketing at the Bluetooth SIG, will provide an overview of the Bluetooth device positioning features, introduce Channel Sounding, and discuss how the Channel Sounding feature benefits key use cases.

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