Auracast Broadcast Audio, The Next Generation of Assistive Listening in Public Spaces

Hearing loops and telecoils have long been the standard for assistive listening in public spaces and venues. Bluetooth® technology introduced Auracast, a new standard for broadcast audio that will improve the way people with hearing aids interact with others and the world around them. This new standard enables audio directly to hearing aids, from public address systems, public televisions and assistive audio in public spaces. In this session, Chuck Sabin, Senior Director of Market Development at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, will discuss the latest developments and roadmap for Auracast in public spaces and devices.

Attendees will learn how this new Bluetooth® standard will drive the development of new devices that open up new possibilities for hearing access for people with all hearing health levels.

Supporting products are now coming onto the market. Discover how this new Bluetooth® standard works to enable new possibilities for assistive listening in public spaces.

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