IoT Technologies Summit 2022

Optimizing Facility Operations Using Bluetooth® Mesh Technology


Jayanth Krishna
Sr. Product Manager – Bluetooth
Silicon Labs

About the Conference: 

The Internet of Things (IoT), supported by several innovative technologies, is on the verge of booming into the next major tech wave. IoT transformation is making waves throughout industries, from healthcare to finance, transportation, and energy, IoT is set to change the way we live. Coming back for a second year the IoT Technologies Summit will now expand to include topics on the advances of industrial IoT and deliver a 2-day impactful program featuring the latest on key technologies driving IoT deployment and engaging education on the continuing growth and innovation of IIOT.  Each day will feature keynotes, tech talks, panels, and more across main topic areas including:

•    Growing Adoption of AI & ML
•    5G Wireless Connectivity
•    Facility Digital Transformation
•    Industrial Edge Computing

Bluetooth is a gold partner of the event.

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