While wireless technologies are sometimes perceived as unable to support the levels of reliability needed for challenging commercial and industrial use cases, Bluetooth® technology uses several techniques to improve the reliability of wireless communication. Proof of this claim can be found in the results of real-world use cases that validate the reliability of Bluetooth technology in demanding commercial and industrial settings.

The articles and white papers below (from those who understand the challenge of implementing wireless solutions in crowded, noisy environments) help showcase the reliability and resilience of Bluetooth technology. And for a detailed discussion on the many mitigation techniques Bluetooth technology uses to increase reliability, download this newly published paper from Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) Developer Relations Manager Martin Woolley, Understanding Reliability in Bluetooth Technology.


Article: Everything you wanted to know about wireless communication in lighting. Part 2: Data rate

Learn about data rate and what it means for connected lighting. See why it is one of the essential characteristics of a wireless technology. Read more.


Article: Seven reasons why Bluetooth is perfect for the Industrial IoT

Discover how Bluetooth® technology is highly immune to interference and incredibly well-suited for smart industrial use cases. Read more.


Understanding Reliability in Bluetooth Technology

Download this detailed discussion on reliability in wireless data communication and the techniques Bluetooth technology uses to increase reliability.


Laird Connectivity

White Paper: Bluetooth Deployment in Hospital Settings

Download this white paper to see how Bluetooth® technology counters the RF interference often caused by congested environments and has become a trusted connectivity solution in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Read more.

Nordic Semiconductor

Article: Bluetooth Mesh for Industrial IoT

See why Bluetooth® Mesh networks have the power to revolutionize IoT and how they will bring a smart, connected future one huge step closer to being a reality. Read more.


White Paper: Asset Tracking at Scale Using Bluetooth Low Energy

Discover why asset tracking is an exciting use case for Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE), and get a detailed look at successful deployments of Bluetooth asset tracking solutions in commercial environments. Read more.


Article: Reliability in the Context of Bluetooth Positioning Systems

Get a better understanding of reliability in the context of Bluetooth® data connectivity and positioning systems. Read more.

Learn more about the techniques Bluetooth technology uses to overcome interference and support better reliability.


How Bluetooth® Technology Makes Wireless Communication Reliable

Learn about the challenge of wireless interference and the techniques Bluetooth technology uses to overcome it.


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Understanding Reliability in Bluetooth® Technology

Download this detailed discussion of the issues and factors that impact the reliability of…

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Bluetooth Deployment in Hospital Settings

Download this white paper to see how advancements in Bluetooth performance and reliability in…

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