Auracast™ broadcast audio is a new Bluetooth® capability that will deliver life-changing audio experiences. It will let you share your audio, unmute your world, and hear your best, enhancing the way you engage with others and the world around you. 

Since its release, this groundbreaking audio innovation has continued to make significant impacts across the audio industry, setting new milestones every few months. First, Auracast™ broadcast audio made a big splash at CES 2023, turning the heads of Bluetooth members and industry leaders alike.

Next, Auracast™ broadcast audio went global with an around-the-world interactive roadshow, The Auracast™ Experience. Kicking off the first event at Mobile World Congress 2023, this global series of immersive demonstrations allowed visitors to experience some of the ways Auracast™ broadcast audio will help our world sound better.

Recently, The Auracast™ Experience returned stateside to make headlines at CES 2024. Now, after a year of tremendous exposure, industry experts, analysts, and major media outlets have weighed in with their insight as to the efficacy and impact Auracast™ broadcast audio will have on the market moving forward.

Below are a handful of articles that highlight what the industry has to say about this latest Bluetooth audio innovation.

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 Will Be Part of the Bluetooth Auracast™ Revolution

Bluetooth technology is in for a small revolution thanks to Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast™ broadcast audio. While the former promises much lower energy consumption at roughly the same audio quality, the latter is a radio-style broadcasting standard that…read more.

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Inspire the Possibilities with Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast™ Broadcast Audio

As reported in my CES 2024 First Impressions and CES 2024 Lasting Impressions articles, we could feel the momentum as important technologies are already making a difference in the audio products that we will soon see on the market. As expected…read more.

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A Bunch of Samsung Devices Are Getting Handy Audio Upgrades – Including Auracast™ Broadcast Audio

It was just last week that Samsung announced some pretty big upgrades to Galaxy Buds. Now…Samsung announced a number of new audio boosts today, including Auracast™ broadcast audio…read more.


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Auracast™ Update

Because Auracast™ broadcast audio is a Bluetooth technology, there’s no extra tech needed to include it in a product. Manufacturers just need to support the newest version of Bluetooth Low Energy. Auracast™ broadcast audio is a new Bluetooth feature that…read more.

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Android 15 Could Let You Share Bluetooth Audio with Your Friends

The best Samsung phones allow you to connect and stream music to multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Google now appears to be working on introducing an audio sharing feature with Android 15. The feature could take advantage of Auracast™ broadcast audio…read more.

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Auracast™ Broadcast Audio

Auracast™ broadcast audio will deliver life-changing audio experiences that will enhance the way you engage with others and the world around you.


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The 2024 Bluetooth® Market Update examines the direction and adoption of Bluetooth technology.

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Introducing Bluetooth® LE Audio

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