Assigned Number Type Details
16-bit UUIDs The 16-bit UUID Numbers Document contains the following value types: GATT Service, GATT Unit, GATT Declaration, GATT Descriptor, GATT Characteristic and Object Type, 16-bit UUID for members, Protocol Identifier, SDO GATT Service, Service Class and Profile.
AMP Manager Protocol  
Appearance Values  
Bearer Technology  
Company Identifiers  
Format Types  
GATT Namespace Descriptors  
GATT Specification Supplement  
Generic Access Profile  
Generic Audio  
Hands-Free Profile  
Health Device Profile  
Host Controller Interface  
Host Operating Environment  
Link Layer  
Link Manager Protocol  
Logical Link Control  
Message Access Profile  
Permitted Characteristics  
Service Discovery  
Protocol Adaptation Layer  
Transport Discovery Service Organization IDs  
Uniform Caller Identifiers  
URI Scheme Name String Mapping  


关于如何申请公司识别码、会员的16位UUID、非会员 UUID的说明,或关于Bluetooth Assigned Numbers的更多信息,请访问Assigned Numbers支持页面。