AuracastTM Broadcast Audio Demo from EUHA Conference

In this video, Andrew Bellavia shares his experience demoing the new Auracast broadcast audio technology at the 2023 EUHA congress in Nuremberg, Germany. He visits the Bluetooth SIG booth to learn how Auracast broadcast audio enables audio sharing and accessibility in public spaces and has the opportunity to participate in a demo where he listens to different TVs and gate announcements in an airport scenario. He then stops by the GN booth to see their implementation of Auracast in the company’s latest ReSound Nexia hearing aids, allowing direct streaming from a Bluetooth® LE Audio enabled Windows PC. He demos music streaming and Teams calls, highlighting the sound quality and microphone capabilities. Both demos showcase the low latency and enhanced experience Auracast can provide and the potential for the technology to improve accessibility, audio sharing, and direct connectivity.

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