Celebrate Hearing Technology with Cochlear 2023

What Hearing Health Professionals Need to Know about Auracast Broadcast Audio


Henry Wong
Senior Manager, Market Development
Bluetooth SIG

Date and Time: 17 June, 11:00 SST


The Bluetooth SIG and hearing aid industry suppliers have been collaborating to enhance Bluetooth® technology to better meet the needs of people with hearing loss, improving audio accessibility. We will provide an overview of the next generation of Bluetooth audio, LE Audio, and how a new capability, Auracast™ broadcast audio, will deliver enhanced audio experiences in public places for users of all hearing instruments, including hearing aids, cochlear implants, and consumer audio devices.

In this session:

  1. The audience will have a clear understanding of the new features of LE Audio, including Auracast™ broadcast audio.

  2. The audience will know how to consult with people with hearing loss on the new Bluetooth technology – Auracast broadcast audio 

  3. The audience will understand the value and benefit of Auracast broadcast audio to people with hearing loss

  4. The audience will understand examples of use cases in venues including silent screens at airports and gymnasiums; tour systems at museums and convention centers; multi-language support at conference and meeting centers; and augmented listening at cinemas, lecture halls, and places of worship

Join this session to find out how it will enable new audio experiences to help promote better hearing for everyone.

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