Packetcraft delivers production-ready baseband-to-application embedded software, including full source code, to meet the continued expansion and innovation of Bluetooth® technology. Packetcraft solutions enable semiconductor and product companies to achieve greater product differentiation with more features and customization.

I recently met with Jason Hillyard, VP of business development for Packetcraft, to talk about Bluetooth trends we can expect to see in 2024.

Q&A With Jason Hillyard From Packetcraft

What Bluetooth trends from 2023 most stick out to you, and what new Bluetooth trends can we expect to see in 2024?

2024 will be the year that Bluetooth® LE Audio permanently changes the audio landscape.

2023 is the year that Bluetooth® LE Audio products began to emerge in the market. More product companies and semiconductor companies started to take notice of LE Audio and recognize its significance.

In 2024, LE Audio will explode on the market and begin to achieve critical mass. Next year will be a turning point for LE Audio, much like the turning point for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) that occurred more than ten years ago. 2024 will be the year that Bluetooth LE Audio permanently changes the audio landscape.

What Bluetooth technology innovations did Packetcraft focus in 2023?

In 2023, we focused on getting our customers to market with their commercial Bluetooth® LE Audio products and semiconductor offerings, including with two of the top five hearing aid companies.

We also worked diligently on the latest version of the Bluetooth Core Specification (version 5.4) and became the first independent software company to achieve Bluetooth 5.4 qualification for both host and controller with Periodic Advertising with Response (PAwR). We are working with globally recognized brands today on new products leveraging PAwR capabilities for applications beyond electronic shelf labels (ESL).

Finally, given so much innovation currently underway with Bluetooth technology, we announced our collaboration with Imec and co-authored an article: Bluetooth Channel Sounding – A Step Towards 10-cm Ranging Accuracy for Secure Access, Digital Key, and Proximity Services.

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LE Audio: The Future of Bluetooth® Audio

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What Bluetooth technology innovations will you focus on in 2024

In 2024, we will continue to work with our semiconductor and product companies to bring Bluetooth LE Audio, PAwR, and channel sounding to market. We are also engaging more in the realm of automotive peripheral applications, including TPMS, EV battery management systems, and digital key. We are extremely excited about the growth opportunities for Bluetooth LE in automotive applications, especially in the context of Bluetooth technology’s latest innovations. 

What will be the biggest difference for Bluetooth technology in 2024 as compared to 2023?

In 25 years, Bluetooth® technology will be so pervasive it will be part of everything we use, touch, and do in our lives.

This year, we saw a strong demand for production-ready LE Audio protocol software as our customers began bringing their LE Audio products to market.

In 2024, Bluetooth® technology will expand its reach into even more products and applications with new sophisticated technical capabilities in broadcast audio, low-power sensor networks, and high-accuracy distance measurement.

What comes to mind as you reflect on the last 25 years of Bluetooth technology, and what are your predictions for the next 25 years?

Bluetooth® technology was created 25 years ago with a mission to enable wireless headsets for cell phones. Today, Bluetooth technology is the most pervasive connectivity technology of our time, with endless applications and use cases. In 25 years, Bluetooth technology will be so pervasive it will be part of everything we use, touch, and do in our lives.


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