Bluetooth® Networked Lighting Control systems feature an intelligent network of individually addressable and sensor-rich luminaires and control devices that allows each component of the system to send and receive data. Deployed in offices, retail, healthcare, factories, and other large-scale commercial facilities, Bluetooth Networked Lighting Control delivers a combination of energy savings, an enhanced occupant experience, and more efficient building operations, turning the promise of data-driven smart building services into reality.

Check out some of the top resources released this year that explore how Bluetooth® is unlocking the potential of networked lighting control systems.

2021 Bluetooth Networked Lighting Control Resources

Highly Scalable and Reliable, the Decentralised Approach to Lighting Controls for Smart Buildings

In this article and presentation, Edward Lees from Sylvania looks at what level of control is offered by centralized and decentralized lighting control systems and reviews each in the context of scalability, complexity, reliability, and security. Read the article and watch Lees’ presentation.

Building Automation: Achieving Energy Savings of Over 90 Percent With Smart Lighting Sensors and Bluetooth Mesh

In this paper, STEINEL outlines several use cases and shows how Bluetooth® enabled sensors provide building operators with a range of optimization options, from energy-efficient facility management and optimizing space utilization to streamlining process flows. Read the paper.

From Lighting to the BMS – How Qualified Bluetooth® Mesh is Bridging the Gap between Intelligent Building Control Systems

In this video, Jason Ford from OSRAM explores how a qualified Bluetooth® Mesh lighting control system can establish a bridge between lighting controls and sensor-rich luminaires that enables the movement and analysis of building operations data to achieve valuable energy savings, lower maintenance costs, and enhanced services for building managers. Watch the video.


Bluetooth Mesh Networking

Bluetooth® Mesh enables the creation of large-scale device networks and is ideally suited for control, monitoring, and automation systems where hundreds, or thousands of devices need to communicate with one another.


Interoperable Standards for Monitoring Energy in Networked Lighting Systems

This webinar looks at how Bluetooth® networked lighting control standards play together for a unified, fully interoperable experience. See the requirements for system components, practical methods for collecting luminaire-level measurements, and a system-level approach to collection, aggregation, and visualization of energy data. Watch the webinar.

Maximizing Energy Savings with Smart Lighting

This case study by Sylvania outlines how Atalian, a global leader in facilities management services, replaced their outdated luminaires with Bluetooth enabled connected building solution. Capturing real-time energy consumption of the lighting solution, Atalian can monitor the performance of the new solution and verify the achieved savings against the target ROI. Read the case study.

Bluetooth Mesh at Scale – A Case Study

This video provides a detailed overview of the largest Bluetooth® Mesh lighting control installation from the system integrator responsible for the implementation. Find out what objectives they needed to achieve and the challenges they needed to solve, as well as the benefits of Bluetooth Mesh from an integrator’s perspective. Watch the video.

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Networked Lighting Control Systems

This on-demand webinar provides three different implementer perspectives on how to deploy networked lighting control systems that deliver the combination of energy savings and a high-quality occupant experience that can unlock the full value of a building. Watch the webinar.

Why Wireless Control Networks Are Taking Over Commercial Lighting

This article outlines how recent advancements in Bluetooth® technology are changing the way networked lighting control systems are deployed, offering the reliability needed by enterprise and industrial spaces. Read the article.

Beneficial Retrofit: Discovering the Advantages of Upgrading Your Lighting Technology with Bluetooth® Mesh

Bluetooth Mesh has a strong position in commercial lighting, bringing greater energy efficiency, faster deployment, and a better occupant experience. This video explores the impact Bluetooth® Mesh can also have on energy consumption, plant production, and operation costs in horticulture. Watch the video.

9 Resources That Showcase the Realization of Bluetooth Networked Lighting Control in Large-Scale Commercial Environments

This article highlights the real-world use cases and implementations that verify the efficacy of Bluetooth® networked lighting control in large-scale commercial environments. Read the article.


Networked Lighting Control

Bluetooth® Networked Lighting Control systems are deployed in offices, retail, healthcare, factories, and other commercial facilities to deliver a combination of energy savings, an enhanced occupant experience, and more efficient building operations.


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Lighting as a Platform

See how connected lighting systems are being used as a platform to enable advanced building services like wayfinding, asset tracking, and space utilization to improve the ROI of smart building investments.

Build a Smarter Building with Blue

See how Bluetooth increases reliability, reduces costs, and enhances your smart building ROI.

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