This year, Bluetooth® technology turns 25! Formed in 1998, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) started with a handful of companies focused on wire replacement for mobile voice and data. Today, the Bluetooth SIG has an active, global community of more than 39,000 member companies that is shaping cultures, establishing new markets, and enriching lives across the globe.

What started as a simple wire replacement technology has become the enabler of countless consumer products that make our lives safer, more productive, and more joyful. And Bluetooth technology now expands beyond the personal, helping businesses and entire industries become safer and more productive. From new advancements in audio and lighting control to improved supply chains and enhanced retail experiences, Bluetooth technology is powering even more solutions that have major impacts on how we interact with each other and the world around us.

Auracast™ Broadcast Audio

Auracast™ broadcast audio is a new Bluetooth® capability that is delivering life-changing audio experiences. It is not the traditional Bluetooth audio paired experience. Auracast™ broadcast audio allows transmitters (smartphone, tablet, PC, or public address or sound system) to broadcast an audio signal to an unlimited number of in-range receivers (earbuds headphones, or hearing aids). Transmitters can broadcast openly to an unlimited number of listeners. Auracast™ broadcast audio will change audio experiences moving forward.

With Auracast™ broadcast audio, you can: 

  • Share Your Audio: From videos on your tablet to music on your phone, Auracast™ broadcast audio lets you invite others to share in your audio experience.
  • Unmute Your World: Auracast™ broadcast audio enables you to fully enjoy televisions in public spaces, unmuting what was once silent and creating a complete watching experience.
  • Hear Your Best: Auracast™ broadcast audio allows everyone to hear their best in the places they go, and it is expected to become the next-generation assistive listening technology, improving audio accessibility and promoting better living through better hearing for people with hearing loss.

Learn more about Auracast™ broadcast audio.

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LE Audio: The Future of Bluetooth® Audio

Get new forecasts about when and which audio devices will adopt Auracast™ broadcast audio, along with predictions for when public locations will deploy this new Bluetooth capability to enable new audio use cases in their venues.


Bluetooth Electronic Shelf Labels

Earlier this year, the Bluetooth SIG introduced a wireless standard for the electronic shelf label (ESL) market. Now, Bluetooth® technology is helping unlock the next phase in retail digital transformation to deliver better outcomes for both stores and shoppers.

Electronic shelf labels (ESL) are small, battery-powered electronic paper (e-paper) displays that present product and pricing information at the shelf edge, replacing paper labels. ESLs use wireless technology to communicate with a central hub to form a dynamic pricing automation network.

Electronic Shelf Label Web

ESLs support:

  • Automated Pricing: Historically, retail shelf pricing relied on error-prone, labor-intensive paper price tags and manual processes that sometimes had to be performed several times in a typical day. Electronic shelf label solutions help brick-and-mortar stores fully automate pricing strategies to display the right price in the right moment and enable seamless omnichannel retailing.
  • Efficient Operations: Manual inventory management slows operations, and undetected stockouts bite away at profits. Electronic shelf labeling can streamline picking and fulfillment for click-and-collect shoppers while also accelerating shelf replenishments to optimize product availability on shelves and avoid missed sales.
  • Increased Shopper Satisfaction: A shopper’s experience at the shelf edge is one of the most critical influences on a purchase decision. Electronic shelf labels provide always-accurate pricing, increased access to real-time promotions and product information, and a more gratifying and cohesive omnichannel experience.

Establishing a true, global ESL standard gives retailers the freedom and confidence to source ESL components from multiple vendors, knowing each component will work with the others. And by adopting a standardized approach for wireless communications, ESL vendors can now reallocate their engineering efforts to the development of more value-added, differentiating features and capabilities.

Learn more about Bluetooth® Electronic Shelf Labels.

Ambient IoT

Enabled by low-cost, energy-harvesting or energized tags that can track the location, condition, and state of any device, Ambient IoT devices are targeted to vastly improve supply chains. Bluetooth® technology is well positioned to lead with a standardized low-power solution capable of handling the demands of the Ambient IoT.

According to ABI Research, 30 percent of food worldwide never gets eaten. Locatible estimates that – across pharma, healthcare, and manufacturing – up to 20 percent of medical equipment and goods are lost annually, and up to 30 percent of time can be spent searching for equipment. Ambient IoT solutions could have a big impact across these areas, minimizing waste and enhancing operational efficiency.

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How the Bluetooth® Electronic Shelf Label Standard Will Impact the Smart Retail Market

ABI Research explores how the recent arrival of the new Bluetooth® Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) standard will help create an interoperable ESL ecosystem that can address many of the challenges being faced by retail and other environments.


Bluetooth Networked Lighting Control

Bluetooth® Networked Lighting Control systems are deployed in offices, retail, healthcare, factories, and other commercial facilities to deliver a combination of energy savings, an enhanced occupant experience, and more efficient building operations.

Bluetooth Networked Lighting Control systems feature an intelligent network of individually addressable and sensor-rich luminaires and control devices that allows each component of the system to send and receive data.

Three key benefits driving the demand for Bluetooth Networked Lighting Controls include:

Lighting 1 700x466

  • Significant Energy Savings: In addition to providing more refined scheduling and demand response, Bluetooth Networked Lighting Controls feature intelligent sensors to monitor occupancy and daylight levels and adjust light usage in real time, allowing for more efficient energy consumption.
  • Better Occupant Experience: Quality of light is essential to occupant well-being and productivity. Traditionally, lighting systems have fallen short of achieving energy efficiency without compromising a building’s occupant experience. Bluetooth® Networked Lighting Controls enable task tuning and personal control for light-level management, striking the ideal balance between energy savings and occupant comfort.
  • Improved Building Operations: Luminaires are now capable of providing performance data that can help better tune the system as well as critical health data that enables predictive maintenance. Occupancy, temperature, humidity, and air-quality sensors integrated into the Bluetooth Networked Lighting Control system are also helping enable more efficient operation of other building systems, including HVAC and security.

Learn more about Bluetooth® Networked Lighting Control.

25 Years of Blue

Every year, Bluetooth technology is being built into more and more devices, supporting new features and powering innovations that have the potential to enhance the lives of billions around the globe.

This year, the Bluetooth SIG celebrates 25 years of market-making, life-changing innovation that only our Bluetooth SIG member community could make happen. Thank you for making the last 25 years possible and connecting our world like never before. 


The Bluetooth® Market Update

The Bluetooth® Market Update provides updated forecasts and trends in key Bluetooth solution areas and highlights Bluetooth use cases that will drive future growth.


Bluetooth®技術は、本年、誕生から25年の節目を迎えます。1998年に設立されたBluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group)は、当初、携帯端末の音声およびデータ用の有線通信に代わる手段の開発に取り組むひと握りの企業とともに歩み始めました。現在、Bluetooth SIGが擁する活発でグローバルなコミュニティは、メンバー企業数3万9000社を超えるまでに成長し、文化の醸成と新市場の開拓を推進しつつ、世界中の人々の暮らしをより豊かにしています。


Auracast ブロードキャスト オーディオ

Auracast™ ブロードキャスト オーディオは、生活、そして人生を変えるようなオーディオ体験を実現するBluetooth®の新機能です。Bluetoothの従来のオーディオペアリングとは異なり、Auracast™ ブロードキャスト オーディオでは、送信機(スマートフォン、タブレット、パソコン、構内放送・音響設備システムなど)から、受信範囲内にある多数の受信機(イヤホン、ヘッドホン、補聴器など)に音声信号を配信できます。配信は公開で行え、かつ受信機の数に制限はありません。Auracast™ ブロードキャスト オーディオは、さまざまなオーディオ体験をさらに前進させ変化させていくでしょう。

Auracast™ ブロードキャスト オーディオは以下を可能にします。

  • オーディオ共有:タブレットで見る動画からスマートフォンで聴く音楽まで、他のユーザーを招待して音声とオーディオ体験を共有できます。
  • ミュート解除:公共の場にある無音テレビのミュートを解除し、音声を含めた完全な形での番組視聴を楽しめます。
  • 最高の音で聴く:あらゆる人の行く先々で、その人にとって最高の音で聴くことを可能にします。それにより難聴者の音声アクセシビリティを高め、より良い聴こえを通じた暮らしやすさの向上をもたらす、次世代の補聴技術となることが期待されています。

Auracast™ ブロードキャスト オーディオの詳細は、こちらをご覧ください。


本年、Bluetooth SIGは電子棚札(ESL)市場向けの無線規格を発表しました。これによりBluetooth®技術は、店舗と買い物客の双方にメリットをもたらす、小売業におけるデジタルトランスフォーメーションの次の段階の実現に貢献しています。

2302 ESL IMG 1 1200x628ESLはバッテリー駆動の小型電子ペーパーディスプレイで、紙の値札に代わって商品棚で商品と価格の情報を表示します。ESLは無線技術を使用して中央のハブと通信し、価格表示の動的かつ自動的な変更を可能にするネットワークを形成します。


  • 価格表示の自動変更:店舗の商品棚の価格表示は、従来は紙の値札を使用し、間違いが発生しやすく手間のかかる手作業で行われ、場合によっては1日数回もの変更を必要としていました。ESLは実店舗での価格戦略の完全自動による実施を支援し、適切なタイミングでの適切な価格表示と、シームレスなオムニチャネル販売を可能にします。
  • 業務効率化:手作業による在庫管理は業務スピードを遅らせ、在庫切れの見落としによる利益の逸失をもたらします。ESLはクリック&コレクトのお客様のためのピッキングおよびフルフィルメント業務を合理化する一方で、商品補充も加速し、商品棚の可販在庫を最適化して販売機会の損失を防ぎます。
  • 顧客満足度の向上:購買の意思決定に最も大きく影響する要素の一つが「商品棚の前での顧客体験」です。ESLは常に正確な価格を表示し、リアルタイムの販促キャンペーンや商品情報を利用しやすくするほか、より満足度が高く、一貫性のあるオムニチャネル体験を提供します。


Bluetooth® ESLの詳細は、こちらをご覧ください。



ABI Researchによると、世界の食料の30%は食べられることのないまま廃棄されます。また、Locatibleの推計によると、医薬品・ヘルスケア・製造業全体で毎年最大20%の医療機器・医療品の紛失が発生しており、これらの機器の捜索のために最大30%の時間が費やされています。アンビエントIoTソリューションは、こうした分野全体での無駄の最小化と業務効率の向上に大きく寄与できると想定されます。





  • 大幅な省エネルギー:よりきめ細かなスケジュール設定と需要対応の実現に加え、Bluetoothネットワーク照明制御は、インテリジェントセンサー機能によって在室状況や外光レベルを監視して照明の使用をリアルタイムに調節し、より効率的な電力消費を可能にします。
  • 利用者体験の向上:利用者の健康と生産性には、高品質の照明が欠かせません。従来の照明システムは、使い勝手を損なわずに電力効率を実現するには不十分でした。Bluetooth®ネットワーク照明制御は、作業に合わせ、または個人の操作で光量管理ができるため、電力効率と利用者の快適性との間で理想的なバランスを実現できます。
  • 建物運用業務の効率化:照明器具は今や、システム設定の調整改善に使用できる実績データや、予知保全を可能にする重要な状態データを提供する機能を備えています。また、Bluetoothネットワーク照明制御システムには人感・気温・湿度・空気質などの各種センサーが組み込まれ、HVACやセキュリティをはじめとする他のビルシステムの運用効率向上に貢献します。




Bluetooth SIGは本年、Bluetoothのメンバー企業コミュニティだけが成し得た、新しい市場を開拓し人々の暮らしを変える技術革新から成る25周年を祝います。この25年間の歩みと、かつてなく相互に繋がりある世界の実現を可能にしたメンバー企業の皆様に、心より感謝申し上げます。

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