Enabling a Secure, Connected World

Bluetooth® wireless technology is embedded in the very fabric of our lives. Billions of Bluetooth enabled devices ship every year, connecting us to each other and our world. Securing those connections is essential to our pursuit of a connected world, free from wires. 

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) member community continually strives to improve the security of Bluetooth technology, strengthening existing protections and introducing new security measures to meet the ever-evolving requirements of our connectivity landscape. 

Security in Bluetooth® Specifications

Bluetooth® specifications include a collection of features that provide developers the tools they need to secure communications between Bluetooth devices and implement the appropriate level of security for their products.

All Bluetooth specifications are subject to security reviews during the development process. In addition, Bluetooth technology is an open, global standard, and the Bluetooth SIG encourages active review of the specifications by the security research community.

Bluetooth® Security Education

The secure design, development, and deployment of wireless solutions is a shared responsibility.

Since the Bluetooth® specifications offer a number of security options, the Bluetooth SIG provides educational materials and best practice guidelines to assist developers in meeting the challenge of securing their Bluetooth wireless solutions. For example, the Bluetooth LE Security Study Guide and Bluetooth Security and Privacy Best Practices Guide are designed to help developers make the appropriate security choices for their Bluetooth enabled products and solutions.

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Bluetooth Security and Privacy Best Practices Guide

This guide is intended to help implementers better understand why certain available security and…

Study Guide


The Bluetooth LE Security Study Guide

Learn about fundamental security concepts, the security features of Bluetooth Low Energy, and…

Bluetooth® Security Response Program

The Bluetooth SIG is committed to promptly addressing vulnerabilities in the Bluetooth specifications that may impact our member companies and the broader Bluetooth ecosystem.

The Bluetooth® Security Response Program addresses reported vulnerabilities within the Bluetooth specifications. The program collaborates with the security research community and our member companies to ensure that reported vulnerabilities are investigated, resolved, and communicated in a responsible manner.

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