For Assistive Listening

At all life stages, communication and good hearing health connect us to each other, our communities, and the world. While current assistive listening system (ALS) technologies, such as inductive loops, have been providing great benefit to people with hearing loss, they suffer from a number of challenges that have limited their deployment, including poor quality, high cost, and lack of privacy. The Bluetooth SIG worked closely with the hearing aid industry to define and introduce the next generation of assistive listening system technology, Auracast broadcast audio.

Audio Accessibility for All

Auracast broadcast audio will become an advanced, new assistive listening system that will be significantly easier and lower cost to deploy while offering higher audio quality and greater privacy. Overcoming the challenges of traditional ALS technologies using a familiar, proven technology ubiquitous in most consumer audio devices will provide the added benefits of enabling broader deployment and increased availability of ALS for people with hearing loss, while also expanding applicability of these systems to consumers with all levels of hearing health.

Public locations – including conference centers, movie theaters, transportation centers, places of worship, and more – will deploy Auracast broadcast audio to promote better living through better hearing for everyone.

What the Hearing Industry is Saying

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