How It Works

An unlimited number of in-range Auracast receivers will be able to join an Auracast broadcast from a nearby Auracast transmitter.


Step 1

An Auracast transmitter begins an Auracast broadcast that includes advertisements, which provide Auracast assistants with information about the broadcast (e.g. name, content, codec configuration, etc.), as well as one or more audio streams (e.g. left and right stereo audio streams).


Step 2

Auracast assistants scan for Auracast advertisements and provide a user interface (UI) to enable users to select an Auracast broadcast to join, similar to the UI commonly used to connect to Wi-Fi networks in public spaces.


Step 3

Once an Auracast broadcast is selected, the Auracast assistant provides the Auracast receiver (e.g. headphone, earbud, hearing aid, etc.) the information it needs to join the Auracast broadcast. 

Glossary of Terms

Auracast broadcast audio
Auracast broadcast audio is a set of defined configurations of Bluetooth® broadcast audio which are specified within the Public Broadcast Profile (PBP) specification

Auracast transmitter
A Bluetooth® device capable of transmitting an Auracast broadcast.

Auracast receiver
A Bluetooth® device capable of receiving an Auracast broadcast.

Auracast assistant
A Bluetooth® device capable of assisting an Auracast receiver in receiving and Auracast broadcast.

Auracast broadcast
A Bluetooth® audio broadcast consisting of one or more Auracast streams and associated advertisements

Auracast stream
A Bluetooth® broadcast audio stream that conforms to a defined set of configurations

Auracast advertisement
A defined set of Bluetooth® advertising messages that alert Auracast assistants to the presence, content and configuration of an Auracast broadcast 

Tour The Auracast Experience

The Auracast Experience is a series of immersive exhibits that allow visitors to experience a day in a life with Auracast broadcast audio.

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