Beyond Lighting - Why Connecting With Your Data Via APIs Is So Important

Designed specifically for professional lighting applications, Bluetooth mesh is the first communication standard that brings wire-like reliability to wireless control systems. Once deployed, a Bluetooth mesh-based lighting network can provide the infrastructure for both lighting and non-lighting services, effectively acting like the building’s nervous system. Smart buildings are becoming an element of competitive advantage for commercial building owners, driven by the ability to use the data generated to improve energy performance and enhance the experience of the people who work in them. For this to happen, integration with external systems is key and this is where APIs play an important role. Public APIs allow customers to access the data from their Bluetooth mesh lighting networks in real time, connect these networks with other building automation and management (BMS) systems, and build completely new applications on top of them. In addition, as an open standard, Bluetooth mesh opens the door to achieving the interoperability that is needed for truly smart buildings.

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