Though Bluetooth® technology is best known for it’s audio streaming and data transfer capabilities, it is also widely used as a device positioning technology, addressing the increasing demand for high-accuracy indoor location services. By enabling one Bluetooth device to determine the presence, distance, and direction of another device, Bluetooth technology delivers flexibility unlike any other positioning radio, allowing building managers and owners to scale indoor positioning solutions to match the varying and changing needs of the building.

Thanks to heightened awareness of the benefits of Bluetooth Location Services, analysts expect to see a continued increase in market growth over the next five years.

Commercial RTLS Solution Forecasts

According to analysts at ABI Research, Bluetooth® real-time location systems (RTLS) are poised for rapid acceleration. Implementation of Bluetooth RTLS is seeing significant growth in installations after a recent slowdown caused by COVID-19 and supply chain challenges. This rebound started in 2022 and will continue through the five-year forecast period. New regulatory safety requirements in manufacturing, more stringent compliance procedures, and sustainable operation measures are making RTLS solutions more viable than ever before.

Furthermore, swift expansion of Bluetooth® commercial asset tracking solutions is driving Bluetooth Location Services growth. More commercial and industrial facilities are turning to Bluetooth asset tracking solutions to optimize resource and inventory control. Analysts conclude that, among Bluetooth Location Services devices, asset tracking anchor points and tags are major drivers behind continued growth.

178 thousand total bluetooth rtls implementations by the end of 2023

112 million bluetooth asset tracking devices will ship in 2023


The Bluetooth® Market Update

The Bluetooth® Market Update provides updated forecasts and trends in key Bluetooth solution areas and highlights Bluetooth use cases that will drive future growth.


Item Finding and Access Control Solution Trends

Analysts predict continued growth in annual shipments for personal item finding solutions. Higher accuracy and increased demand for personal item finding and device tracking solutions are driving wider use of Bluetooth® Item Finding innovations, resulting in a 2x growth in annual shipments by 2027.

Bluetooth® technology is also playing an important role in automotive access control. Increasing recognition and acceptance of digital keys are driving demand for more access and control capabilities in smartphones. Bluetooth based fobs not only lock and unlock doors but also bring more convenience to drivers.

Leading automotive vendors now support smartphone digital key capabilities. Building on the success of the key fob, Bluetooth® technology in the smartphone can help securely access automobiles while limiting the number of devices that need to be carried. Having achieved 100 percent penetration in smartphones, Bluetooth technology is uniquely positioned to meet this demand.

97 million personal bluetooth item finding solutions will ship in 2023

31 million bluetooth key fobs and accessories will ship in 2023

Ambient IoT Could Disrupt Market Forecasts

According to ABI Research, a new class of very low-cost tags is enabling a whole new category of Bluetooth® tracking solutions being referred to as the Ambient IoT. With a total addressable market of more than 10 trillion devices across different verticals, Ambient IoT solutions will significantly improve supply chains with an early focus on high-velocity chains that support expiring goods, such as food, medicine, and returnable assets. Its ubiquity and mature ecosystem, combined with its capability to support low-cost devices for tags and receivers, best positions Bluetooth technology to maximize the benefits of the Ambient IoT.

Learn more about location services market forecasts and trends in the Bluetooth Market Update.

See the full report.

10 trillion total addressable market for ambient iot devices


The Bluetooth® Market Update

The Bluetooth® Market Update provides updated forecasts and trends in key Bluetooth solution areas and highlights Bluetooth use cases that will drive future growth.


Bluetooth®︎ 技術はオーディオストリーミングやデータ転送機能が最もよく知られていますが、現在、高精度の屋内位置情報サービスに対する需要増加を受け、デバイスの測位技術としても幅広く使用されています。一台のBluetooth デバイスによる他のデバイスの存在、距離および方向検出を可能にすることにより、Bluetooth 技術は他の測位無線にはない柔軟性を実現しています。これにより、例えばビルの管理者および所有者が、建物における多様で変化するニーズに合うよう屋内測位ソリューションの規模を変更することを可能にします。




ABI リサーチ社によると、Bluetooth®︎ リアルタイム位置情報システム(RTLS)の成長は急加速しており、新型コロナウイルスの流行やサプライチェーンの課題による最近の減速を経て導入件数が顕著な伸びを示しています。この成長に向けた転換は2022年に始まり、5年間の予測対象期間を通じて続く見込みです。製造業における新規制の安全要件、より厳格なコンプライアンス手順、持続可能な運用対策により、RTLSソリューションに対する需要はこれまで以上に高まっています。


さらに、Bluetooth®︎商業用資産追跡ソリューションの急速な拡大が、Bluetooth 位置情報サービスの成長を牽引していますより多くの商業施設と産業施設が、リソースおよび在庫管理の最適化のためBluetooth®︎資産追跡ソリューションの利用を開始しています。アナリストの見解では、位置情報サービスソリューションの中でも資産追跡のアンカーポイントとタグが継続的な成長の原動力であるとの結論です。





Bluetooth®︎ 技術は自動車アクセス制御にも重要な役割を担っています。デジタルキーの認知および普及の向上は、スマートフォンが持つアクセスおよび制御機能に対する需要を牽引しています。Bluetooth®︎対応のキーフォブはドアの施錠と開錠を行うだけでなく、ドライバーにさらなる利便性をもたらします。




ABIリサーチ社によると、新しい超低コストタグは、アンビエントIoTと呼ばれる全く新しいカテゴリーのBluetooth®︎トラッキングソリューションを可能にします。アンビエントIoTは、様々な業種において10兆台以上のデバイスが利用可能です。初期には食品や医薬品、返品可能な資産といった期限切れ商品を扱う高速チェーンを重点的に扱っており、これによる今後のサプライチェーンの大幅な改善が見込まれるソリューションです。偏在性と成熟したエコシステムに加え、タグとレシーバー用の低コストデバイスをサポートする能力を備えたBluetooth 技術は、アンビエントIoTのメリットを最大限に引き出すための最善の位置を占めています。



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