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Too often, we assume that new technology replaces the old, but technology often builds off past generations, ideas, and success rather than abandoning it altogether. Some people may not realize that past technologies are foundational to new technology, as is the case with Bluetooth® technology.

Bluetooth technology is quickly becoming a positioning radio that further expands the utility of the technology to gauge the relative proximity, direction, and distance between two or more objects, so it can be used for asset tracking, indoor positioning, way-finding solutions, and more.

The same technology that gives us wireless earbuds and allows our phones to connect wirelessly to all manner of devices is now helping build a more secure future with digital keys.

5 Benefits of the Digital Key

While the current momentum for digital keys is in the automotive industry, the benefits of a digital key, over a physical key, can and will apply to many use cases in our daily lives. Benefits include:

  • One Key for Everything: Most people end up carrying multiple keys. The number increases with hotel rooms, work access, car keys, and more. With a digital key, all your keys can be stored on your phone, and there is no need to worry as all keys are available at any time.
  • Hands-Free (Passive) Access: Everyone has walked up to their car with hands full of items and must figure out how to unlock the car. Hands-free or passive access with a digital key takes care of that problem. By simply approaching your car trunk with your phone in your pocket can unlock it so you can quickly unload.
  • Lost Keys Are a Thing of the Past: Losing your physical keys can be a common occurrence and a true headache to replace. With find me technologies, far fewer people misplace their smartphones these days, and if you lose your phone, the access system can note your keys as lost, ensure no one else can use them, and reissue digital keys directly to your new phone.
  • Sharing of Keys/Access: Digital keys can be temporarily issued to others and easily removed when they are no longer necessary. It is far easier to issue a digital key to the pet sitter’s smartphone and revoke privileges from administrative software when the task is over.
  • Access Rights Can Be Updated: Digital key access rights can be transferred or updated. Car rental services send updated digital keys to new customers and deny access to past customers. Digital keys can significantly streamline the verification process, so customers are on the road faster and the rental company has an easier time managing their fleet. In industries like hotels and resorts, compared to hunting down a physical access card, this process of issuing digital keys can save time and money for the operation and for the guest.

Digital key is a natural progression of existing technology that is well established in our daily lives. 

Check out the full article to learn more about the path and potential as well as the next layer of accurate passive entry.


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