From point-of-interest information (PoI) and indoor navigation applications to supporting asset/item tracking and space utilization, Bluetooth® beacons are making a big impact on the Internet of Things (IoT). According to the 2018 Bluetooth Market Update, the shipment of Bluetooth beacons will reach 400 million by 2022. Bluetooth beacons will be everywhere.

Bluetooth developers have been using the Bluetooth Beacon Smart Kit to build beacons and integrate Bluetooth beacon technology into products and apps. This kit provides the tools and guidance to quickly ramp up and start building beacons for a multitude of applications; the Android and iOS step-by-step guide teaches you how to build an app and guides you through the creation of your own beacon using a Raspberry Pi board. And now, the Bluetooth Beacon Smart Kit offers even more. 

Bluetooth Beacon Smart Kit Updates

On 31 July 2018, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) provided a new update for the kit, Bluetooth® Beacon Smart Kit v1.1. Release notes for this upgrade include:

  • Android template, so the user doesn’t need to create a new Android Studio project; they can instead copy and paste the template and use that as a starting point
  • Android fullSolution, which is an Android project that allows the user to build and install the app on their Android devices. This project allows the user to debug if they experience challenges implementing the template
  • Android update ford project gradle to allow the project to be compiled by Android Studio v3.x on Windows and macOS
  • iOS updates to APIs that have been deprecated
  • iOS workflow optimization
  • Raspberry Pi download gives users access to the beacon shell file by wget command on Raspberry Pi through SSH remote or local access

With this Bluetooth Beacon Smart Kit update, it’s easier than before for you to build a beacon and app. This is good news for developers interested in learning more about building Bluetooth beacons.


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