2016 mid-year review

It's been a great (half) year so far. Check out all that we've accomplished!

a quick overview from mark

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The momentum from 2015 just kept rolling through the first half of this year. We hit some major milestones and accomplished many goals that made an impact on how you interact and work with the SIG, and how the technology will impact the world.

Last year the SIG set an ambitious goal to transform the Bluetooth® brand and positioning to align with the changing IoT market, and we did just that. The new brand now symbolizes how the unimaginable is now possible with Bluetooth technology. One of our proudest moments in the first half came when we hit 30,000 member companies—that’s 30,000 individual companies who are using Bluetooth in some form or fashion.

Beyond the other projects and achievements, we’ve continued to improve as an organization. We are continually adapting to the needs of our changing demographic and diverse membership to make it easier for you to build with Bluetooth. Change is part of progress and we thrive on change. There’s much more coming in the second half and I look forward to everything that’s in store for us through the rest of the year.

Thank you,

Mark Powell
Executive director, Bluetooth SIG

we continue to grow in all areas


First half of 2016





1,846 new

12% growth YoY

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Olivier Carmona

Dir. Tech Mktg

Niclas Granqvist

R&D Switzerland
Polar Electro Oy

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The new blue

we've made big changes to the brand

champion of human innovation

Since its advent, Bluetooth® technology has transformed the way we live, work and play. Bluetooth is a champion of human innovation and an essential catalyst for the Internet of Things (IoT). So, we created a new visual identity to support it.

We enhanced the color of our logo and introduced a new tagline: “unthinkably connected.” Learn more about this change.

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Everything, everywhere...inherently wants to connect. Because connection is where life begins.

It's in the meeting...the contact...the sharing that we humans come to life...again and again and again.

It's through connection that we empower, enrich, evolve and improve.

Being connected keeps our world in motion, our lives meaningful, and our work innovative. Connection is the one thing we all share. Everything that comes to us, that comes from us, and comes through us is possible because of connections.

Through connection, we champion innovation. Creating, building, sharing, making what was once impossible possible. Where everything and everyone is...unthinkably connected.

Why change the brand? How do I use the new brand?

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The Bluetooth brand equity study

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SIG hosted events that promote the technology

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key initiatives

supporting developers, members & more

where innovation starts

In the first half of 2016, we focused on making it easier to do business with the SIG. We developed tools and programs like Specification Workspace, which continues to gain momentum with working groups. Workspace was designed to help working groups streamline the specification development process—a major priority for our members. Learn more about this great new tool.

Specification Workspace

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New tools in the works

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Campaign to get kids coding

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2016 Member survey

what our members are saying

Thank you for your feedback!

It is greatly appreciated, and we hear you loud and clear. Your survey responses help us identify priority areas for continued improvement. They are always welcome. And now we can do something about it, such as simplifying processes and providing easy-to-use tools. Plus, this year we’ll focus on the IoT and all the ways it can connect us.

Here are the results from our 2016 member survey:

Looking ahead

we're excited about what's coming next

It's been a busy and productive year

And we have even more planned for the second half of 2016. Have a look below at just a few of the key initiatives we’ll be working on.

Bluetooth 5 will be a big highlight. We’re excited about the new capabilities in speed, range, and capacity. Learn more here.

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