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The Systems House business unit of 7Layers specializes in Te​st Solutions and Laboratory Management Systems focusing on the highest levels of automation and execution speed. Our RF conformance tester “InterLab Test Solution Bluetooth® RF” is used in many BQTFs / BRTFs worldwide and covers all Bluetooth RF qualification test requirements.

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Anritsu actively develops the standards for radio layer testing within the Bluetooth SIG. Anritsu offers instruments for radio layer testing on basic rate, enhanced data rate and low energy radios. The product range also includes measuring of audio performance in Bluetooth enabled products implementing the headset, hands-free and A2DP profiles.

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DEKRA Testing and Certification, S.A.U.

DEKRA TACS4 BEST (Bluetooth® Emulator for Wireless Testing) platform is a system to perform the entire conformance test cases for Bluetooth technology’s radiofrequency (RF) and radiofrequency physical layer (RF-PHY).

Designed and developed by DEKRA, it has a modular software and hardware architecture in a single rack configuration, and a testing control software with an intuitive graphical interface. DEKRA TACS4 BEST possesses an automatic test cases campaign execution, with multiple test cases specific parameters customization and internal RF paths calibrations routines for automated paths loss compensation, among many other features.

DEKRA has been active in the field of safety for more than 90 years and is one of the world’s leading expert organizations in testing, inspection, and certification. Our independent experts work for safety on the road, at work, and at home.

Our Product Testing & Certification specialists test and certify consumer, industrial, automotive, and ICT products, as well as medical devices and products for worldwide markets. Our smart combination of safety and connectivity testing gives you the edge in a world where products need to work with everything else. It’s what makes DEKRA your partner for a safe connected world.

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Ellisys is a test and measurement company committed to the design and timely introduction of advanced Bluetooth®, USB, and Wi-Fi test and analysis solutions. Ellisys Bluetooth protocol analyzer systems and link layer qualification tools (EBQ) are built to address the rapid evolution of Bluetooth technology and related development complexities with unparalleled innovations. Ellisys protocol analyzers, including Vanguard, Explorer, and Tracker, are all-in-one, fully integrated systems that support wideband (all channels) capture and analysis of Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR), Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), plus concurrent Wi-Fi, WPAN/IEEE 802.15.4 (Vanguard), raw spectrum capture, host controller interface (HCI) protocols (USB, UART, and SPI), Audio I2S, WCI-2, and generic protocols including UART, SPI, I2C and SWD, all visualized over the widely adopted Ellisys software suite..

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Teledyne LeCroy

Teledyne LeCroy is a test and measurement solution company providing test tools, test services and consultancy across multiple wired and wireless technologies. Teledyne LeCroy’s Frontline family is the market leader in Bluetooth® protocol analysis test tools and packet sniffers, as well as analysis and emulation tools for a wide range of additional technologies.  Frontline Sodera Bluetooth protocol analyzers are available in a number of licensable configurations covering, Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), Host Controller Interface (HCI), Wi-Fi (when used with 802.11 analyzer), USB, UART and raw spectrum data.  Teledyne LeCroy’s Harmony test platform is a Bluetooth LE conformance tester validated by the Bluetooth SIG for Link Layer (LL) and Host Controller Interface (HCI) and is used by Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities (BQTFs) globally for qualification testing.

In addition to the Protocol analysis and conformance test tools Teledyne also provides an RF PHY Layer tester (TLF3000). The TLF3000 is available in a number of licensable configurations covering technologies (BR/EDR, LE and 802.15.4) and functionality (Developer and Production). The Developer license is a fully featured solution for lab use and the Production license is focused on high-speed remote testing in Production line environment.

Teledyne LeCroy has a dedicated Test Services team that provides consultancy and interoperability test services to wireless product manufacturers across the complete product life-cycle.

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TÜV Rhineland

TÜV Rhineland Comprehensive Testing Environment (CTE) Bluetooth® testing solutions is an in-house developed testing solution for Bluetooth RF and RF-PHY specifications. CTE is being used in multiple TÜV Rheinland laboratories located around the world. It consists of a powerful test plan framework, which executes various test plans on different hardware environments HWE1000, HWE2000, HWE4000, and HWE6000.

This framework offers high accuracy and full automation of multiple DUTs and system configuration for repeatability, reproducibility, and efficiency using in-house developed switch matrices and industry-standard T&M equipment.

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Audio Precision

Audio Precision offers Bluetooth® audio measurement via APx Series audio analyzers and an optional Bluetooth module. All Bluetooth controls are integrated into the APx audio measurement software for fast, one-click measurements. No other analyzer combines integrated Bluetooth controls with APx’s best in class speed, ease-of-use and performance.

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Hyper Taiwan Technology

Hyper Taiwan Technology is delighted to offer Bluetooth® testing and certification services as part of the lab’s comprehensive wireless test capabilities includes RF, RF-PHY and Profile testing. Our senior and professional BQEs who have qualified thousands of designs and products can offer a complete, cost competitive consultancy around the entire Bluetooth qualification process. Hyper China, duplicated the success of Hyper Taiwan, a recognized BQTF and located at Shenzhen to cover greater China and worldwide clients. The BRITS test systems from Hyper Taiwan Technology were validated by the Bluetooth SIG as a RF and RF-PHY platform to support the latest RF/RF-PHY test specification and qualification process.

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National Instruments

National Instruments delivers fast, flexible, and accurate RF hardware powered by NI LabVIEW software to meet the ever-changing demands of the wireless industry and see the engineering process through from design to validation to production. NI address a wide range of test needs including Bluetooth®, WLAN, GPS, and cellular technologies like LTE and GSM.

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Nextgen produce a range of solutions for automated interoperability testing via its Nextgen ATAM automation platform. The Nextgen ATAM test automation platform enables fully automated interoperability testing for consumer technology devices. ATAM is used for Bluetooth® interoperability testing in a range of markets and applications, including Apple and Android Mobile devices, Automotive systems, wireless audio, silicon platforms, IoT devices and smart devices, smart speakers, lighting and more.  As well as supporting automation of traditional interoperability testing, ATAM automation also creates new categories of automated tests, including high volume repetition testing and stress testing and building a consumer aging profile which models real world usage over months. All in a fraction of the time taken by manual testing. ATAM tests as an end user, using standard product interfaces, and supports integration with Bluetooth analysers to provide the deepest levels of insight into product performance.

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Perytons Ltd.

Perytons Ltd. offers protocol analyzers for Bluetooth® Low Energy. The tools provide detailed analysis of the Bluetooth LE protocol layers through several views, features and add-ons; suitable for novice and professional users. Peryton-Smart use standard off-the shelf available dongles to capture Bluetooth LE sessions (all provided from Perytons), at an affordable price..

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Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz has been a member of the Bluetooth SIG since 1998. Based on this long experience, the company offers a large range of RF test instruments for testing basic rate, enhanced data rate and low energy Bluetooth® devices in development and manufacturing.

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RTX’s Bluetooth® Low Energy RF tester, the RTX2254, is specifically designed for manufacturing test of Bluetooth LE devices. The measurement capabilities cover typical key parameters, and provides a versatile and very cost-efficient solution for monitoring product quality and performance throughout the manufacturing process.

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