Why build with Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology offers developers a powerful, secure, low-power and low-cost wireless communications specification.

While Bluetooth’s foundation is interoperability among the billions of Bluetooth® enabled devices worldwide, the Bluetooth Core Specification also offers many optional features, which allow extensive product differentiation.

Explore the many advantages of developing with Bluetooth technology and get started with our Step-by-Step guide.

Recognized Brand and Consumer Confidence

  • Qualified Bluetooth products can use the Bluetooth brand and logo—industry icons that are recognized and trusted by up to 92% of consumers around the globe
  • Using the Bluetooth brand in your product packaging and merchandising establishes an expectation of quality, safety, interoperability and ease-of-use

Ease of Development

Improved Time to Market

  • Incorporate existing Bluetooth implementations from the extensive Bluetooth ecosystem to help speed your time to market
  • Previously qualified Bluetooth components, modules and products may allow you to inherit those elements’ testing evidence and skip some steps in the qualification process

Valuable Partnerships and Collaborations

  • Bluetooth SIG membership lets you network and collaborate with tens of thousands of members around the world
  • Gain access to the Bluetooth SIG database of Qualified Listings for third-party components, subsystems, and end products 
  • Access member network lists for companies that offer qualification and test services, product design and development, prequalified components and subsystems, and other services

Interoperability Support