The biggest thing in wearable technology is Bluetooth.

Simply a promise starting in 1930’s comic books, smart watches have finally arrived for real. But while smart watches may be dominating the news, the biggest thing in wearables is Bluetooth® technology.

The fast-growing wearables market has huge potential that also encompasses smart glasses, headsets, activity monitors, child and pet monitoring, medical aids, head- and hand-mounted terminals and cameras—all the way to smart clothing and ingestibles. And the majority of these products by far rely on the connectivity of Bluetooth technology. Even Apple is centering its wearables strategy on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Where will you see wearable technology?

  • Fitness and wellness wearables are showing up on wrists everywhere to monitor steps, activity, sleep, and even emotional levels 
  • Infotainment wearables range from audio headsets to smart watches and smart glasses, using Bluetooth technology to connect to any mobile app, from gaming and social networking to finding a late-night pancake house

Wearables aren't just fun and games

Wearable computing devices are also helping save lives, improve business efficiency, and keep security and military forces safe.

  • Healthcare and medical wearable devices monitor blood pressure, pulse, glucose levels and more. But they can also be used to automatically deliver drugs, guide the performance of CPR, and identify head injuries
  • Industrial wearable applications include hands-free terminals and heads-up displays to support more efficient logistics, inventory, manufacturing, and worker safety. These devices can easily collect and transmit data using Bluetooth technology
  • The military is using wearable technology for hands-free logistics as well as heads-up displays to support surveillance and flight systems
  • Smart clothing can monitor and transmit blood pressure, heart rate and temperature and adjust clothing temperature as needed for soldiers in extreme environments

Mobile apps drive wearables market

According to research firm IHS, mobile application development is an important driver for the growth of the wearable tech market. And it makes sense.

As wearable devices get even smaller—new research is working on contact lenses and implantable electronics, as well as ingestibles—reliable, secure, and low-power connectivity using Bluetooth is a natural choice.

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