PC & Peripherals

Tablet and laptop sales drive Bluetooth peripherals growth

The explosion in tablet sales and continued growth in laptop sales is sparking demand for more Bluetooth® enabled keyboards, speakers, stereo headphones, and other wireless computer accessories.

In the tablet market, folding Bluetooth keyboards or tablet stands are especially hot, since they allow consumers to travel with their tablet and increase productivity by turning the tablet into a full-featured computer. Many who don't want a case or stand are adding slim, lightweight Bluetooth keyboards to make it easier to type.

Most laptops and tablets have weak speakers with poor sound, so consumers shop for Bluetooth speakers or headphones to enhance their mobile computing experience. Laptop users also like to move around their home while continuing to listen to music, without the hassle of speaker wires or headphone cords. Because laptop and tablet users also like the freedom to print from anywhere in their home or office, sales of Bluetooth enabled printers also continue to grow.

PCs still vital information-gathering hubs

Computers of all types—laptops, tablets, and desktop PCs—play an increasingly important role as information gathering "hubs" for Bluetooth enabled sensors. They collect information from a wave of tiny, wireless sensors enabled by Bluetooth Smart in the beacons, sports & fitness and wearables markets.

For example, in the sports & fitness market, computers collect exercise data from heart-rate monitors, foot pods, sports watches, cycling computers and other fitness devices. After a smart device collects information, applications can process and analyze it, letting consumers examine work out details and learn more about setting better fitness goals. Consumers then share information securely with friends, family or anyone they choose.

All these Bluetooth enabled sensors and devices create opportunities for software makers in addition to electronics manufacturers. Demand continues to rise for applications that analyze and process health, fitness, and medical information, and help consumers securely share it online.