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Bluetooth Technology in Phones Leads to Boom in Appcessory Market

It is rare when you find a mobile/smart phone that doesn’t contain Bluetooth® technology. The promise of hands-free calling, headsets, and wireless speakers spurred manufacturers to include it almost from the beginning—Apple was one of the first companies to see the value of Bluetooth technology. This vast network of compatible products created an opportunity for companies to make Bluetooth appcessories. Now there are billions of Bluetooth products on the market that work with our phones to collect information to make our lives better and more productive.

Phone apps create phone demand

The fast-growing demand for phone apps that capture and process this new type of information from Bluetooth sensors is rallying the phone market. Demand for apps is especially high in sports and fitness and the health and wellness. For example, apps that collect workout data from wireless heart-rate monitors and display it on a phone or PC, upload it to the web, and let consumers share their workouts and results with friends. The proliferation of these devices with apps will only continue as sensors shrink and battery life increases since it will be easier to add Bluetooth to anything.

Look for the Bluetooth brand to make sure it works

All consumers need to do is look for the Bluetooth brand to know the devices are compatible. The Bluetooth mark shows consumers a device which will collect information and the mark shows a device which will send information—the perfect pairing of sensor and hub.

As long as demand for Bluetooth appcessories continues to grow, the mobile/smart phone market will continue to create products with Bluetooth technology.