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Bluetooth is Changing the Face of Healthcare

“Take this device. It will call me in the morning.” You could hear this at your physician’s office very soon. As we’ve seen in the last year, the face of medicine is changing, and Bluetooth® technology is helping lead the way.

Today’s consumers want to control and manage their own health, and a standardized wireless approach for communication between devices gives them that ability. Just about every new health tracking platform—including Apple HealthKit and Google Fit—uses Bluetooth to ensure device and data interoperability.

With Bluetooth, it’s never been easier to monitor medical conditions at home or on the go

Bluetooth with low energy enabled blood glucose monitors, pulse oximeters, heart rate monitors, asthma inhalers and other products are becoming more and more common. Consumers love them because they can connect to the Bluetooth compatible PCs, tablets and smartphones they already own. Patients and their care providers get critical information in real time for a more accurate, full-picture look at the body's response to a prescribed treatment plan. This information can help them track health data over time showing trends or even providing alerts when necessary.

Bluetooth allows manufacturers to design medical devices that are extremely small and power-efficient. Consumers can now wear wireless sensors that operate for months or years on a tiny battery, collecting data and securely sending it to an application on a Bluetooth compatible tablet or smartphone, which then turns it into useful and timely information.

Bluetooth is the ideal wireless standard for hospital or home

Bluetooth with low energy offers highly secure 128-bit AES encryption to keep data safe during transmission. Privacy features also make it difficult to track a device through its Bluetooth connection. All of this keeps the user in control.

The frequency-hopping Bluetooth radio virtually eliminates network interference and provides strong immunity to RF noise sources such as electrosurgical devices and common household appliances. And new capacity-increasing technology means Bluetooth enabled devices transfer data up to 2.5 times faster than previous versions, reducing transmission errors and battery consumption even more.

Bluetooth enabled medical devices are changing the way we take care of ourselves

Secure, trusted and super-efficient Bluetooth technology is enabling the connectivity of millions of health and medical devices, with tens of millions more on the way.

An apple a day is no longer enough to keep the doctor away. Now, patients can help keep themselves healthy using a wide range of medical devices—all connected via Bluetooth technology.