Bluetooth BR/EDR: point-to-point

Bluetooth® Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate (BR/EDR) enables continuous wireless connections and uses a point-to-point (P2P) network topology for one-to-one (1:1) device communications. Bluetooth BR/EDR is optimized for audio streaming, making it ideal for wireless speakers, headsets and hands-free in-car systems.

Sample Markets

Wireless headsets

Bluetooth headsets are a must-have accessory for mobile phones. New high-performing solutions allow you to make and receive calls in the office or on the go while also providing options for a premium music experience.

Wireless speakers

Whether it’s a high-fidelity entertainment system in the home or a portable option for the beach or park, there’s a speaker of every imaginable shape and size to meet your specific need. Even if that happens to be in the pool.

In-car systems

A mainstay in the automotive market, Bluetooth technology is in more than 90% of new cars sold today. Bluetooth wireless accessibility can improve driver safety and enhance the in-car entertainment experience.