Bluetooth Tech Update: NWP Review – 2; SWS Updates – 1; Email Reflector Updates – 1; IOP Events – 5

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30 December 2019
Bluetooth Technical Update


NWP Available for Review Notice

The following New Work Proposals (NWP) are available for your review. An NWP must meet a minimum commitment level by Bluetooth SIG members to be approved. Please review the documents and indicate your commitment to participate in the completion of the resulting Functional Requirements Documents (FRD) by emailing


Specification Workspace Review Updates

Updates have been made to Specification Workspace to enhance the review tracking experience on Working Group sites and project sites. Additional details of review requests can now be tracked either by Working Group or by project.

New features and support:
Maintenance and bug fixes:
  • Ability for Working Groups to send test documents for internal review
  • Enhancements to “assigned reviewer” search experience
  • Configuration corrections to project sites and Working Group sites


Group Email System Updates

The Bluetooth SIG is pleased to announce that the new group email communications system was successfully deployed on 16 December 2019 and all groups are now on the same email system.

What changed?
  • All reflectors have the same behavior and functionality
  • All reflectors now use a new SMTP
  • No more garbled and unreadable emails
  • No more emails accidentally going to spam
If you have questions about IP addresses, functionality, or deliverability, please refer to the troubleshooting guide.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the functionality of the group mailing system, please contact Bluetooth Support.


IOP Testing Events

The following Bluetooth interoperability prototyping (IOP) testing events are scheduled to take place at the times and locations shown below. The purpose of an IOP testing event is to bring members together at a single location to validate draft specifications and to find and resolve interoperability issues. IOP testing events are open to all members.


Jan 2020

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Mesh Working Group IOP Testing Event
Location: Kirkland, Washington, United States

This IOP testing event will be held to test the following features:
  • Certificate-Based Provisioning
  • Configuration Database
  • Directed Forwarding
  • Remote Provisioning


Feb 2020

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Formal IOP Testing Events at UPF65
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

These IOP testing events will be held to test the following features:

2–7 Feb | Generic Audio Working Group
  • Coordinated Set Identification Profile and Service
  • Media Control Profile and Service
  • Audio Input Control Service
  • Volume Control Profile and Service
  • Volume Offset Control Service
3–7 Feb | Audio, Telephony, and Automotive Working Group
  • Multi-Profile Specification
  • Telephony and Media Audio Profile
  • Visual Voicemail Profile

3–7 Feb | Direction Finding Working Group
  • Indoor Positioning Profile
  • Indoor Positioning Service Enhancement
3–7 Feb | Mesh Working Group
  • Certificate-Based Provisioning
  • Configuration Database
  • Directed Forwarding
  • Remote Provisioning

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