Working Groups are the backbone
of the Bluetooth SIG

Bluetooth® technology is the global wireless standard enabling the Internet of Things (IoT). But how did that happen? It happened because of the hard work and commitment of our working group and committee members. This group of dedicated individuals works to develop new Bluetooth specifications and enhance adopted ones—specifications that make Bluetooth the fastest growing wireless technology on the planet.

Participating in SIG Working Groups and Committees holds different benefits for each member.

“The dialogue in the working groups is always respectful and takes into account valid comments, facts, and aspirations. Most engineers want to create better standards for the future. Something we can be proud of when it’s widespread in products all over the world.”

Thomas Olsgaard, Vice President Hardware Platforms, GN Hearing


Working group participation is available to Associate and Promoter members. If you are thinking about joining a group, upgrade your membership here. Adopter members may take part in our expert and/or study groups or task forces.

We often get asked about the participation requirements of belonging to a working group. The requirements are as follows and can vary by working group:

  • Contribute to working group related documentation
  • Actively participate in reviews
  • Meet the participation requirements as stated in the working group charter for conference calls and face-to-face meetings

Once you find a group that interests you, simply apply for membership by visiting the group’s web page and clicking on “Register to join this group.”

Shape the future of the IoT by volunteering today.