Channel Sounding CRr02 Draft

This document specifies the changes to the Bluetooth Core Specification required to add the Channel Sounding feature, which specifies methods and provides information for estimating the distance between two Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

The Bluetooth Core Specification, Version 5.3, can be downloaded for additional context at the Core Specification 5.3 landing page. Each section title in the CR references the number and title of the section being added or modified in the Bluetooth Core Specification. Conventions that distinguish the proposed changes from the current adoption are described in Section 2 of the CR.

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Development assigned to: Core Specification Working Group
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  AE Bearer Ack
Channel Sounding
Channel Sounding HCI Updates
Decision-based Advertising Filtering
Device Attestation
Enhancements for ISOAL
HCI USB LE ISO support
LE Test Mode Enhancements
Packet Spacing Change


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