Legacy Protocol Specifications

The specifications below are considered legacy specifications. Use of legacy specifications is allowed, but discouraged. The following specifications contain known errors, some of which will result in interoperability issues with other devices. We urge you to use the most current versions of all our specifications, profiles and services. If you have questions, please submit a ticket.

Profi​le ​​Specification​
Version Status Date Adopted Date Deprecated
​AVCTP A/V ​​Control Transport 1.0 ​Active 25 May 2003
​AVCTP A/V ​​Control Transport 1.2 Active 16 April 2007
​AVCTP A/V ​​Control Transport 1.3​​ Deprecated 26 June 2008 01 August 2013 
AVDTP A/V Distribution Transport 1.0 ​Active 24 May 2003
AVDTP A/V Distribution Transport 1.2  ​Active 16 April 2007
IrDA IrDA Interoperability 1.1 ​Active 22 February 2001
RFCOMM RFCOMM 1.1 ​Active​ 22 February 2001