Deprecated Protocol Specifications

When a specification reaches the end of its useful life, the Bluetooth SIG may choose either to deprecate the specification, ending maintenance and restricting its use, or to withdraw the specification from use.

Important: The Bluetooth SIG strongly recommends that you use the most current specifications to design, create, and qualify your products.

For more information about specification deprecation and specification withdrawal, including effects on Bluetooth® product qualification, refer to the Specification Management Process Document (SMPD) and the Qualification Program Reference Document (PRD).

Deprecated Protocol Specifications

  ā€‹ Scope of Deprecation Date of Deprecation Notice Deprecation Notice Period Date Deprecation Notice Period Ends Recommended Alternative Specification
AVCTP A/V Control Transport Protocol v1.3 01-Aug-12 12 months 01-Aug-13 AVCTP v1.4

Withdrawn Protocol Specifications

(Prior to 03 December 2013)
  ā€‹ Scope of Withdrawal Date of Withdrawal Recommended Alternative Specification
3WIRE HCI 3-Wire UART Transport v0.95 11-Sept-08 3WIRE v1.2
AVCTP A/V Control Transport Protocol v0.95 9-Feb-06 AVCTP v1.3
AVDTP A/V Distribution Transport Protocol v0.95 9-Feb-06 AVDTP v1.2
BNEP Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol v0.95 9-Feb-06 BNEP v1.0
SD HCI Secure Digital Transport v1.0 11-Sept-08 SD v1.2
TCP Telephony Control Protocol v1.1 10-June-10  
UART HCI UART Transport v1.1 11-Sept-08 UART v1.2
USB HCI USB Transport v1.1 11-Sept-08 USB v1.2
WAPB WAP Bearer v1.1 13-Jul-06