Deprecated Profile Specifications

When a specification reaches the end of its useful life, the Bluetooth SIG may choose either to deprecate the specification, ending maintenance and restricting its use, or to withdraw the specification from use.

Important: The Bluetooth SIG strongly recommends that you use the most current specifications to design, create, and qualify your products.

For more information about specification deprecation and specification withdrawal, including effects on Bluetooth® product qualification, refer to the Specification Management Process Document (SMPD) and the Qualification Program Reference Document (PRD).

Deprecated Profile Specifications

  Scope of Deprecation Date of Deprecation Notice Deprecation Notice Period Date Deprecation Notice Period Ends Recommended Alternative Specification
3DSP ​3D Synchronization Profile ​v1.0 ​29-Oct-13 ​6 months ​29-Apr-14 ​3DSP v1.0.1
AVRCP A/V Remote Control Profile v1.4 01-Aug-12 12 months 01-Aug-13 AVRCP v1.6
BIP Basic Imaging Profile v1.1 01-Aug-12 12 months 01-Aug-13 BIP v1.2
FTP File Transfer Profile v1.2 01-Aug-12 12 months 01-Aug-13 FTP v1.3
GOEP Generic Object Exchange Profile v2.0 01-Aug-12 12 months 01-Aug-13 GOEP v2.1
HDP Health Device Profile v1.0 01-Aug-12 12 months 01-Aug-13 HDP v1.1
MAP ​Message Access Profile ​v1.0 23-Jul-13 ​24 months ​23-Jul-15 ​MAP v1.1
PBAP ​Phone Book Access Profile ​v1.0 / v1.1 ​04-Dec-13 ​24 months ​04-Dec-15 ​PPAP v1.1.1 / v1.2
SDAP ​Service Discovery Application Profile ​v1.1 ​04-Sep-13 ​12 months ​04-Sep-14 ​Discovery White Paper
SPP Serial Port Profile v1.1 01-Aug-12 12 months 01-Aug-13 SPP v1.2
SYNCH Synchronization Profile v1.1 01-Aug-12 12 months 01-Aug-13 SYNCH v1.2

Withdrawn Profile Specifications

(Prior to 03 December 2013)
  Scope of Withdrawal Date of Withdrawal Recommended Alternative Specification
A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile v0.95 9-Feb-06 A2DP v1.2
AVRCP A/V Remote Control Profile v0.95 9-Feb-06 AVRCP v1.4
BIP Basic Imaging Profile v0.95 9-Feb-06 BIP v1.0
BPP Basic Printing Profile v0.95 9-Feb-06 BPP v1.2
CIP Common ISDN Access Profile v0.95 9-Feb-06  
CIP Common ISDN Access Profile v1.0 12-April-07  
CTP Cordless Telephony Profile  v1.1 10-June-10  
ESDP Extended Service Discovery Profile for UPnP v0.95 13-Jul-06  
FAX Fax Profile  v1.1 10-June-10  
GAVDP Generic A/V Distribution Profile v0.95 9-Feb-06 GAVDP v1.2
HCRP Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile v0.95 9-Feb-06 HCRP v1.2
HFP Hands-Free Profile v0.95 9-Feb-06 HFP 1.5
HFP Hands-Free Profile v1.0 14-Mar-06 HFP 1.5
HID Human Interface Device Profile v0.95 9-Feb-06 HID v1.1.1
ICP Intercom Profile  v1.1 10-June-10  
LAP LAN Access Profile v1.0 3-Jun-03 PAN v1.0
PAN Personal Area Networking Profile v0.95 9-Feb-06 PAN v1.0
SAP SIM Access Profile v0.95 9-Feb-06 SAP v1.1