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Name: Relative Device Energy Use In A Period Of Day

Group: org.bluetooth.property_group.energy_management


Assigned Number: 0x0060


This property represents energy use by a device over a period of time during the day. This property can be used to update a column in a histogram. The first value (Energy Value) is the average of the energy use of the device during a period of time, the second value (Start Time) the start of that time period, and the third value (End Time) is the end of the measurement period. A period of time is represented with a unit of Decihour (1/10th of an hour, or 6 minutes). A start time of 0 corresponds to midnight (local time), and the maximum value for the start time is 23.9. The values reported represent the most recent measured average values for these periods during the past 24 hours. For example, if the current time is 11:00AM, and an average is reported for a time period with a start value of 11.5 and a end of 11.7 (corresponding to a time period from 11:30AM to 11:42AM), that measurement represents the average energy use during that time period on the previous day.

Characteristic: Energy In A Period Of Day